Hungary PM Orban Warns Of ‘Brutal Threat’ of ‘Being Overrun’ by Migrant Crisis

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said European nations are being forced to protect themselves from the “brutal threat” of mass immigration until the European Union (EU) formulates a united response to the migrant crisis.

Speaking to the Hungarian parliament, Orban said: “Our borders are under threat, our life based on a respect for laws… and the whole of Europe. We are being overrun.”

He added that Hungary had a “historical and moral duty to protect Europe”, and that by closing its borders it was protecting all the Europe from the effects of mass immigration, Magyar Hirlap reports.

Europe, he said, is rich but weak – “possibly the most dangerous combination” – and it simply cannot support all economic migrants.

He reiterated his opposition to enforced migrant quotas, saying they were not a “European action plan” as first borders must be protected and further immigration stopped. If Greece is incapable of protecting Europe’s southern border then all EU nations will have to contribute to a security force to help it.

The EU must also set up refugee camps outside of its borders and help refugees return home as soon as possible.

He asked all parties in parliament to support him ahead of a vote on using the army to protect Hungary’s borders. While the border police may be able to handle the influx, the army may still be needed for assistance.

Last week, Orban told German newspaper Die Welt that there would eventually be more Muslims than Christians in Europe as Muslims place greater emphasis on “family, children, [and] community cohesion”.

He also revealed plans to extend the country’s border fence across the Romanian and Croatian border, and hit back at claims Hungary was not taking its moral obligation seriously.

“We all have a moral obligation. Hungary is a European and Christian country, this is our culture, and we take our responsibility and our moral duty very seriously,” he said.

“However, the first obligation must be to stop the influx of migrants – because on the way across the sea ten to 15 percent per cent of them perish.”

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