EXCLUSIVE: National Union Of Students Breaks Promise To Not Work With Jihadi-John Sympathiser Group

jihadi-john sympathiser

The National Union of Student (NUS) is to break its promises not to work with the Guantanamo Bay detainee and Jihadi-John sympathiser group ‘CAGE’, which called the ISIS terrorist a “beautiful young man”.

Just days ago, the president of the NUS Meghan Dunn publicly and affirmatively promised that her organisation would not work with Cage. But Breitbart London can reveal the NUS is due to host CAGE’s chief spokesman and former terror suspect Moazzam Begg tonight in London.

Tonight, they will hold their first event with the Islamist, allegedly terror sympathising PR outfit, to “resist” to government’s counter terror work. In doing so, they will defy not only their newly elected president, but the Prime Minister, who blasted the plans as “shameful.”

At their annual conference in April, student delegates from around the country voted to “oppose” and “condemn” the Counter Terrorism and Security Act, including the government’s de-radicalisation strategy PREVENT, by working with “civil rights group” CAGE.

They argued the PREVENT strategy “turns issues of welfare and social depravation into ones of national security.” Translation: “Muslims are very, very oppressed and that’s why they blow things up so leave them alone alright.”

“I want to say something to the National Union of Students. When you choose to ally yourselves with an organisation like Cage, which called Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’ and told people to ‘support the jihad’ in Iraq and Afghanistan, it really does, in my opinion, shame your organisation” said Mr. Cameron in his counter extremism speech in August.

“I will not work with CAGE, the NUS will not be working with CAGE and there will be no NUS resources used to work with CAGE,” grovelled NUS president Megan Dunn in a swiftly released response.

Student politicos were not impressed; they had voted to work with terrorist sympathisers and they wanted to. Plans were already in place for a nationwide “Students not Suspects” tour with CAGE, “for anyone interested in resisting the impact of the PREVENT duty” to “organis[e] non-compliance.”

They challenged Dunn in a statement of their own, expressing their “grave concerns” that she had “ruled out working with the civil rights group CAGE in campaigning against PREVENT, whilst resources and organisational support has been withdrawn for the ‘Students not Suspects tour’ co-hosted by NUS.”

“Cutting ties with CAGE,” they claimed, “denies the NUS a wealth of experience and information in tackling PREVENT,” and the “NUS’s insistence on reiterating baseless, Islamophobic smears against the organisation has much wider ramifications.”

They bemoaned the “The autocratic manner in which this decision was imposed” and “the complete sidelining of Black and Muslim members of NUS from this decision, especially one made on grounds of ‘anti-racism’ and ‘anti-fascism’, is astounding.”

Amnesty International refuses to work with CAGE because their “religious or political views [are] inconsistent with the full range of rights and women’s rights in particular,” citing, “the refusal of a Cage spokesperson to condemn violence such as FGM and stoning.”

For context, NUS is so concerned about women’s right they held an entire “lad culture” conference, and commissioned a report bemoaning “‘banter’ on social media; student nights at the local club; initiations to join a sports team,” as sources of violence toward women.


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