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UK Puts 15-Year-Old Burqa Opponent on Anti-Terror Programme

A 15-year-old British schoolboy, who though “Muslim women shouldn’t be allowed to wear the niqab”, has been treated as a potential terrorist and put through the government’s most strict deradicalisation program.

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Study: Muslim Parents Would Keep Quiet About Jihadi Children

Some Muslim parents would not speak out if their children went to Syria to fight with terrorists, according to a new study conducted in Birmingham. Muslim parents told academics they feared police would arrest family members who traveled to Syria. The


London Imams Complain Anti-Extremism Programme ‘Spying’ On Young Muslims

Imams from the east London borough of Newham have claimed the government’s anti-radicalisation programmes are “divisive” and lead to a “breakdown in trust” with young Muslims. In a statement published by the activist group “Stand Up To Racism”, the religious leaders — supported by

Muslims Won’t Assimilate