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Majority Of Students Don’t Know When the Referendum Is

Two thirds of university students don’t know when the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU) is taking place, and up to 200,000 may miss out on a chance to vote, a survey has found. Almost two million

EU Referendum

London Students Fail To Pass Motion Condemning Paris Attacks

The student union at a London university has failed to pass a motion condemning the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris, just as they prepare to vote on a motion condemning the “symbolic imperial might” of Britain’s bombing of the

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Government Cracks Down On University Islamic Extremism

The government will give a deadline to universities to draw up plans to counter campus radicalisation and gender segregation. The Prime Minister will also challenge the National Union of Students (NUS) on their continuing opposition to the government’s counter terrorism


Students In Melt Down Over ‘Zionist’ Soft Drinks On Campus

It has been a busy week for the National Union of Students (NUS). Yesterday it received a scolding from the prime minister on national television. Now it has much bigger concerns: so-called Zionist soft drinks. Representatives voted Monday to “censor” and force