Migrants ‘Sexually Assaulted’ Asylum Centre Cleaner Every Day For 10 Days

Asylum Centre Cleaner
Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

A migrant centre in the German town of Kitzingen is now only employing male cleaning staff after a female cleaner was sexually assaulted there every day for ten days.

Two migrants aged 38 and 52 are now in police custody for assaulting the woman between 1 and 10 October before she finally found the courage to come forward, the local Bayerischer Rundfunk reports.

Prosecutors say the woman was examined by specialist doctors who found signs of abuse, and after finding further evidence detained the two migrants. They are now being remanded in custody and appeared before a district judge on Tuesday afternoon.

The company that cleans the centre has said that from next week it will only be sending men to work there. Until then, female cleaners will be will be accompanied by security guards while cleaning showers and toilets. Showers and toilets will also be closed why they are being cleaned.

Local councillor Tamara Bishop said: “As a woman, what happened here really worries me.”

Last week, Breitbart London reported how one German town has taken to writing advice for newly-arrived migrants, telling them, among other things, to respect women.

The village of Hardheim wrote the advice which said: “Women must lead an independent life and have the same rights as men,” adding that the migrants must refrain from making sexual advances on “young women” by “asking [for] mobile numbers and Facebook contact, harass[ing] them, or ask[ing] anyone to get married.”

The advice also told migrants to “pay [for] goods at the grocery store before you open them” and that they must not “enter private property; no gardens, barns and other buildings and also not take fruit and vegetables that do not belong to you.”

Germany is currently witnessing a rising tide of migrant crime, but Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière has said the attacks are mostly the fault of native Germans attacking asylum centres.

However, the head of the German police union said “only a fraction” of what is happening in migrant centres is being made public to avoid scaring people. “The public does not know everything,” he said.

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