WATCH: Private Security Beats Migrants Trying to Breach Asylum Barriers

private security

A private security firm has come under fire in Germany after some of its guards were caught on camera beating up migrants outside the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LaGeSo), where they were supposed to be quietly queueing to register for German state assistance.

But, like the migrants burning down their own tents across the continent, the people in the line clearly became restless, pushing through the barricades and coming face to face with men from the private security firm SpySec. 

The video above shows employees of the security firm punching at migrants, in an incident which is reported to have occurred last Thursday.

According to Bild, one of the migrants “claimed that he wanted to visit his cousin, who was in LaGeSo building. When he went behind the barrier, the security men beat him and his friends.”

The investigation into the incident has not yet reached conclusions, but private security firms are now coming under fire, with some claiming their staff lack the experience to handle situations, as above, as required.

Germany’s police are extraordinarily overstretched, admitting that they can no longer police the speed restrictions on the country’s roads because they are too busy dealing with migrants.

Last month a video emerged of German police clashing with migrants, with the policeman showing restraint in the face of a repetitive, uncooperative migrants repeatedly advancing on him, though he did not appear to be threatening.


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