Richard Dawkins Tells Those Wanting Universities To Be Safe Spaces To ‘Leave, Go Home, Hug Your Teddy And Suck Your Thumb’

Richard Dawkins
Don Arnold/Getty Images

Richard Dawkins has told university students who cannot handle anti-transgender views to “leave, go home, hug your teddy and suck your thumb.”

Some activists studying at Cardiff University do not approve of Germaine Greer’s views on transgendered women. As such they campaigned to deny one of the major voices of the second-wave feminist movement a platform on which to address their fellow students, as Breitbart London previously reported.

Professor Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist of some repute and no stranger to controversy himself, has taken to Twitter to defend Dr. Greer, academic inquiry and free speech.

Some responded angrily, with one subscriber tweeting that “people who expect to be paid to spout transphobic nonsense have no place at a university”. Professor Dawkins had no time for that idea.

Finally Professor Dawkins could contain himself no longer. Driven to deride Dr. Greer’s critics by their preference for ‘safe places’ over genuine academic inquiry, he made clear he had no time for such infantile reactions.

It seems that Dr. Greer may have the last laugh. Contrary to earlier reports, this afternoon Cardiff University told The New Statemsan that is has spoken with her representatives and the event is going ahead as scheduled in November.

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