Gun Crime in Just One Swedish City Higher Than All Nordic Nations Combined

Breitbart London / Oliver Lane

As neighbouring Norway becomes so safe police are preparing to hand in their firearms, Sweden is riding on the crest of a migrant gun crime wave fuelled by bloody gang wars.

Not only is gun crime in Sweden higher than all other Nordic nations combined, but such violence in just one city is enough alone to beat Sweden’s neighbours. Third largest city Malmö, in Sweden’s south-west, and just a ten minute train ride from Danish capital Copenhagen over the border, has recorded 63 people shot in the past five years.

In next-door Copenhagen, the number is 30. In Oslo and Helsinki, the capitals of Norway and Finland respectively, just ten people have been shot in the past five years each. Already multicultural paradise Malmö is higher than these three capitals combined, but this number is dwarfed in turn by gang warfare trouble city Gothenburg, where 109 people have been shot.

In Sweden’s own capital Stockholm, 189 people have been shot in the same time frame, reports AftonBladet.

The latest of these attacks was on Saturday, as a 37-year-old man was killed in a Southern Stockholm suburb. Shot 14 times in the chest and back, the Expressen reports he had previous convictions for drug dealing. This shooting came less than 24-hours after a 26-year-old man was shot to death in Gothenburg, western-Sweden while he played hockey on a school field. A sub-machine gun, pistol, and hand grenade were later found discarded nearby.

Sweden police blame these sorts of incidents on ‘gang crime‘, a convenient and politically correct shorthand for those who stand behind such crimes – migrant gangs fighting for control of territory and access to illegal drug markets.

While police in Sweden use European Union money to build new bomb and bullet proof police stations and only enter migrant suburbs in groups of four for protection, police in neighbouring Norway say the country is so safe they are turning in their handguns.

Norwegian officers only started carrying guns routinely last year as the government registered a heightened terror threat against the nation. Despite that, over the whole of 2014 officers only discharged their firearms twice all year, and haven’t actually hit anyone since 2013.

By carrying guns in locked compartments in patrol cars rather than on their belts from this week, Norwegian police are going “back to normal”, reports DagBladet.

Breitbart London spoke to recently retired Malmö police chief Torsten Elofsson in September to get some answers over why precisely Sweden has gone from one of the world’s safest, to a northern European basket-case in just a decade. Elofsson, who has worked with INTERPOL and used to head up Sweden’s criminal intelligence bureaux explained the freedom of movement with the European Union had brought not just criminals to Sweden, but also drugs and illegal firearms.

He told Breitbart London: ““Of the number of people arrested and dragged into police stations, the majority are of foreign origin to be honest. There is an over-representation of violent crimes committed by people from other countries… Now since we are in the Schengen area we’re not allowed to have border controls, which makes it difficult to supervise what is happening”.

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