Calais Now So Dangerous British Lorry Drivers Are Choosing Tasers To Thwart Violent Migrant Attacks


Illegals attempting to enter Britain by France’s port of Calais are resorting to violence to break their way into lorries, forcing drivers to take radical steps to defend themselves.

Although ‘Taser’ stun-guns and CS gas are illegal to own and bring into the United Kingdom, Britain-bound truckers are risking prosecution by riding with them in their cabs for fear of attack. One anonymous driver who had taken it upon himself to ride armed with the non-lethal weapons spoke to the Daily Express newspaper, saying:

“It’s risky ­because if you get caught with these weapons in Britain you are committing a criminal offence.

“But we need to be able to protect ourselves. The migrants are now arming ­themselves with knives and hammers and all sorts and they’re getting more and more ­aggressive.

“I think something bad will happen soon where either a migrant will kill a truck driver or it’ll happen the other way round”.

The weapons are legal in France – as are other self-defence items such as sword-canes and larger knives, which could equally see you answering tough questions to the police in Britain. Yet demand is so high stun-guns and gas cannisters are now available to buy over the counter in a petrol station just outside Calais, reports the paper.

The situation in Calais continues to deteriorate for both under-pressure drivers — who face hefty fines if they are caught smuggling illegals into Britain, even inadvertently — and for the port operators who are fighting a losing battle against invaders. Speaking to Breitbart London in July, a senior spokesman for the Eurotunnel group explained:

“The problem of migrants around Calais is increasing dramatically. It went from some 600 migrants at the start of the year to some 3,000 plus presently. Their sole intention is to get to the United Kingdom by any means possible, and this is leading them to make some very dangerous decisions”.

“Eurotunnel has spent €150 million on security in the past 15 years. All of it is targeted at making it harder for migrants to access our sites, and to make our sites safer for our customers. We have put up fences, adding extra lighting at night, cameras, infra-red detectors, extra staff. We have got more sniffer dogs, more controls on lorries entering the system, we have invested a huge amount of money in security”.

This expense, as well as the great number of delayed and cancelled trains from France to Britain caused by trespassers trying to walk through the tunnel and a large number of illegals killed by passing trains, is costing Eurotunnel and the haulage industry hundreds of millions of pounds.

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