Over 100,000 Petition To ‘Defund’ Amnesty International Over Abortion Campaign

amnesty international

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition demanding Amnesty International stop campaigning for abortion, claiming the group has “lost its longstanding moral credibility”.

As the human rights group intensifies its campaign to legalise abortion in Ireland, it has come under increasing criticism for ignoring the rights of unborn children and using “nakedly anti-Catholic” propaganda.

Breitbart London reported last week that two charities, LIFE and Right to Life, had set up a campaign criticising Amnesty’s position. The “Shamnesty” campaign accuses the group of doing nothing to protect “the lives of over 190,000 unborn children” aborted each year in the UK,

Now, another petition criticising Amnesty’s global campaign to make abortion a “human right” has passed 100,000 signatures.

Started by Ireland-based group The Life Institute, the petition says: “Amnesty has lost its longstanding moral credibility through a wholly unnecessary deviation from its mission. In promoting abortion, Amnesty has caused division among its own membership, jeopardizing its support by people of many nations, cultures and religions who share a consistent commitment to all human rights.”

The petition adds that, out of 55 submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the subject, Amnesty’s was just one of two to call for abortion to be declared a “human right”. They also claimed that human rights do not apply before birth.

It concludes with a letter that states: “By signing this petition, I solemnly declare, that, as long as these policies are in place, I will no longer support Amnesty International in any way, and I will try my best to make as many others as possible aware of your role as abortion campaigners.”

The group was also criticised recently after it released a “disingenuous” “anti-Catholic” video promoting abortion in Ireland. The video, which relied heavily on religious imagery, features the voice of actor Liam Neeson who refers to a “cruel ghost” that “haunts” Ireland.

Lord Alton, who had previously campaigned with Amnesty, said the group was betraying its founding principles and called it “simply disingenuous”.

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