Sweden Appeals To Europe For Emergency Aid To Ease Migrant Crisis

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Sweden’s government has announced it is now unable to cope with the volume of people migrating to it and is looking to its neighbours and the European Union (EU) for support and emergency aid.

Admitting they were being totally overwhelmed by tens of thousands of migrants, the Swedish government announced yesterday they had instructed the national migration agency to go crawling to the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for an emergency grant.

The nation has already started to redirect foreign aid money towards domestic costs of mass migration — a move that has already been bitterly opposed by pro-migrant and aid charities in the country, who insist the Swedish state should fund both without reducing either.

“The situation is very, very strained,” said Employment Minister Ylva Johansson yesterday.

Sweden has also looked to it’s neighbours, many of whom haven’t quite so enthusiastically accepted their doctrine of national suicide to take some of their migrants. Prime Minister Löfven has called his demands “reasonable”, citing humanitarian reasons. But if Sweden was hoping for materiel assistance from neighbouring Denmark, they might find themselves waiting a while.

Making his response to the Swedes on television last night, Danish foreign minister Kristian Jensen was clear that each nation in Europe had chosen their own path and now had to deal with the consequences.

Mr. Jensen is part of Denmark’s new right-wing government which has taken some of the most concrete action of any European government to reduce the ingress of migrants looking to settle in the nation. His comments show he holds very little sympathy for the Swedes, as they have failed to do the same.

Danish minister for immigration and integration Inger Støjberg, who has been responsible for many of the changes that have made Denmark less appealing to foreigners concurred with her colleague’s comments.

Speaking to Danish TV2, she said: “the Swedes have put themselves in this situation. Sweden has pursued a very lenient immigration policy for years…. Swedes are to blame for the swamp they are in”.

When asked whether Sweden’s change of attitude could have consequences for Denmark, including more migrants heading there, the minister confirmed she would “do everything I possibly can to prevent this impacting Denmark”. The country has already used it’s opt-out on the European Union mandatory migrant resettlement programme

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