REPLAY: Nigel Farage On Paris Attacks, Islam In Europe

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is giving his first public speech since the tragic Paris attacks that left over 100 people dead, and over 300 wounded or critically injured. 


Speaking live at the Anvil in Basingstoke, United Kingdom tonight, Mr. Farage will talk about immigration into Europe and the United Kingdom, about the Paris attacks, about Islam in Europe, and about how Britain’s security will be an integral part of the EU referendum campaign in Britain.

Mr Farage is expected to say that if UK Prime Minister wants the EU referendum to focus on security “that’s fine, let it be about security. We can see that the EU is seriously imperilling our security.”

He will claim that Europe’s open doors, “Schengen zone” needs to be “abolished” and that “EU asylum policy is a complete failure”. He is expected to make reference to European Union President Jean Claude Juncker’s remarks this weekend, encouraging EU member states to continue taking migrants despite the Paris attacks.

Mr. Farage will urge a “complete rethink in foreign policy”, claiming that “military intervention as currently constituted has failed”, remarking upon Iraq, Libya, and Syria. “We have to recognise that we cannot bomb and drone ourselves to victory” and will urge further co-operation from Arab countries. “We must recognise that Assad and Putin are not the main problem” he will say.

And he will talk about Britain’s growing Muslim population who are “conflicted” in their loyalties to the UK, its way of life and its institutions and what elements within their organised faith are telling them.

You can watch the live stream above at 7:30pm (GMT)/2:30pm (EST), and follow Breitbart London‘s live blog on this page.


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