Austrian Freedom Party Leader Calls For A ‘Guantanamo’ Prison For Islamic Extremists

Austrian Freedom Party

Following the recent Paris attacks the Chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party has called for European Islamic extremists to be put into a Guantanamo-style island prison.

Heinz-Christian Strache (pictured above) leads the anti-mass migration Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ). He has called for a dedicated common European prison to be set up on a Greek island or the Italian island of Lampedusa. The aim would be to isolate Jihadis returning to Europe from the Middle East after fighting for Islamic State, as well as those convicted of supporting “terrorism”, reports The Local.

The specialised prison would house the “worst offenders and Islamist terrorists and murderers” who may otherwise indoctrinate and radicalise the wider prison population. Mr Strache said that other than being on an island he did not want the jail to be the same as the Guantanamo camp run by the U.S. on Cuba.

Speaking at a news conference in Vienna, Mr Strache was promoting the FPÖ’s five-point plan to stop “uncontrolled mass immigration”. He said:

“It is now high time for our government and the [European Union] to take action against Islamist terror, apply existing laws and protect borders…

“European governments have just stood by during the mass immigration from Islamic countries and these people’s refusal to integrate over decades, wondering why there are so-called ‘no-go areas’ in many cities where the rule of law has de facto been replaced by sharia.”

The FPÖ is one of several populist parties on the right of European politics currently enjoying historically high levels of public support. As Breitbart London reported last week, Mr Strache’s party has drawn or led opinion polls conducted for the last six months, and in the Netherlands the Party For Freedom, led by Geert Wilders, has been leading by as much as 19 per cent from its nearest rival.

The terror witnessed in Paris and Brussels over the last few days, and incidents elsewhere in Europe, will likely bolster the position of such parties further still.

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