Far-Left Group Claims Bombing On Greece Industry Association

Far-Left Group

An extreme-left group has claimed a bombing on Greece’s industry association in Athens last month, police said Monday, the latest in a series of attacks by the urban guerillas on diplomatic, government and economic targets.

Police confirmed the “Popular Fighters” were behind the attack on November 24 after an anonymous phone call to media that led them to a document confirming their responsibility.

The bomb exploded outside the offices of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), causing damage to the building and also to a luxury hotel and the Cypriot embassy, but no injuries.

Calls to two Greek newspapers 40 minutes before the explosion had forewarned police of the attack against the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), enabling them to clear the area.

The police quickly discounted a possible jihadist connection, pointing out that the warning before the attack and the target chosen indicated it was likely a far-left domestic group.

The bomb was set by timer and hidden in a bag and placed in front of the SEV.

The Popular Fighters first appeared in January 2013 when they staged an attack armed with Kalashnikovs on the headquarters of the conservative New Democracy political party.

Since then, they have also targeted the German and Israeli embassies.