Security Sources: Paris Attacks Ringleader Abaaoud ‘Visited UK Over The Summer’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The terrorist who led the bloody Paris terror attacks in November entered the UK on a fake passport to seek logistical support from jihadis in Britain just weeks before the atrocity was committed, according to reports.

It is claimed that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 28, arrived in Kent on forged documents before travelling to London.

A senior source close to the investigation into the Paris attacks told The Sun newspaper that Mr Abaaoud had visited the UK on a false passport to leave no trace of his arrival or departure through UK immigration services.

It has sparked a major investigation in Europe and the US to determine how he was able to move freely despite his status as a wanted man.

A counter terrorism source told The Sun: “We believe those calls were made to discuss some aspect of logistics and finances with regards to the Paris attacks. We also think money and false or doctored documents swapped hands between Abaaoud and Brahim and their associates in Birmingham.

“Forensic evidence suggests some of the forged documents found on Paris attackers were personally handed over to Brahim and Abaaoud during visits to the UK.”

The Belgian national is thought to have been the ringleader of the attacks, with 10 other armed terrorists working with him.

As Breitbart London reported, the terrorist was killed at a police siege in the Paris suburb or Sant-Danis days later after officers followed a taxi to an address.

Seven of the attackers are believed to have been killed during the operation, which lasted six hours.

Mr Abaaoud, who is of Moroccan descent, grew up in the Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek, which is blighted by high unemployment and has a large migrant population.

He had been implicated in previous foiled attacks in France and had been sentenced to 20 years in prison in absentia, according to French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

The Sun reports that mainland Europe’s notoriously porous borders are almost certainly a factor in Abaaoud’s ability to move around at will. Fellow plotter Salah Abdeslam also clocked up thousands of miles travelling around Europe. Investigators believe Mr Abaaoud and his cell had access to expertly-forged passports and ID papers.

Earlier this month it was revealed Mr Abaaoud had photos of Birmingham landmarks on his smartphone. They are thought to have been sent to him by someone linked to the terror plot.

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