Migrant Sex Pests: ‘You Have To Treat Me Kindly! Mrs Merkel Has Invited Me’, 14 of 15 Arrested ‘Syrian’

New Year's Eve Sex Attacks

Despite repeated denials by the mayor of Cologne that the men involved in a mass sex assault on German citizens at New Year’s Eve were migrants, a growing body of evidence is increasingly confirming the speculation as fact.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Cologne chief of police Wolfgang Albers confirmed the ethnicity of the attackers as being mostly “North African and Arab”, a rare expression of honesty from the German establishment which has seen him silenced and an apology issued from his bosses in the state police.

Now police officers have confirmed that not only were the perpetrators migrants, but they were recently arrived, not just seasoned pick-pockets as had been claimed.

The majority of those involved have now confirmed to be Syrian. One officer who was active on the night reported arresting 15 individuals, all of whom were found to be carrying the migration paperwork aliens are required to have on them at all times by law. Express reports his words, expressed with regret when he said they had “definitely only been in Germany a few days or weeks”.

He said: “Of the persons, 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. That’s the truth, although it hurts.

“I had young women weeping beside me, who wore no panties, after the crowd had spat at them. These were images that shocked me and I had to process them. Besides that, we were busy trying to protect ourselves because we were being attacked massively”.

Despite only having been in the country days, some of the migrants displayed a remarkable understanding of German domestic politics. One migrant even shouted “I am Syrian, you have to treat me kindly! Mrs Merkel has invited me!” to officers as he was arrested, reports Bild.

The shout was clearly a reference to a popular German saying that the migrants are the chancellor’s personal guests.

The idea that the migrants are arriving by chancellor’s decree has even been implemented into German law, after a judge set a precedent stating that migrants could per forgiven crimes if they were committed in the process of attempting to enter Germany.

The judge said: “Given the conditions at the frontiers, the legal system has been suspended by the German politicians, therefore no unconditional prison sentence is given.

“Asylum seekers are invited by the German Chancellor to come to Germany”.

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