Cologne Out Of Control: One Week Since Migrant Attacks, Another Teenage Girl Hospitalised By Gang


COLOGNE, Germany – A young woman had to receive emergency medical treatment after being pushed down the Cologne Cathedral steps this afternoon, just yards away from where hundreds were molested and assaulted by migrants gangs on New Year’s Eve.

The latest attack, which took place in broad daylight is an embarrassing indication of the failure of Cologne police to secure even their central business district from migrant criminals in the wake of the new year’s eve attacks.

The group of teenagers, aged between 18 and 20 years old were climbing the cathedral steps at approximately 1230 when they were approached by a gang of migrant women. Cologne’s Express reports the gang “went mad” at the girls and chased them, pushing one of the girls down the stone steps.

She received emergency medical treatment at the scene for her injuries and her “shocked” friends were taken to a police station. There have been no reports of arrests linked to the incident.

As well as having failed to secure the area around the central railway station and cathedral from migrant gangs — a symbolic epicentre of Germany’s failed policy of mass migration and multicultural integration — the force is also struggling to capture suspects for the horrific sex attacks that took place over a week ago. Now over 200 complaints of harrasment have been received by the Cologne force — three quarters of them relating to sex assault.

Cologne police reported they had arrested two North African suspects this morning on suspicion of being involved with the new year’s sex attacks. Both were found with handwritten translations from Arabic into German of useful phrases for new arrivals including “I’ll kill you” and “I want to fuck big breasts”, reports Focus.

Yet just hours later they were both released again, Cologne police having failed to successfully link the men to the violence.

Breitbart London reported yesterday on the difficult relationship between the North Rhine-Westphalia interior minister Ralf Jäger, police chief Wolgang Albers and Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, after it emerged Mr. Albers had made a last minute plea for extra officers on new year’s eve, but it was turned down by the home secretary.

Now in the latest development chief Albers has been sent into sudden early retirement this evening. After he made the public announcement that he had fired his long-serving ally and party colleague, interior minister Jäger thanked the former chief  for his “long-standing, very dedicated” work, but remarked the move was necessary to restore public faith in the police.

A new chief has yet to be appointed.

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