Christians Abused In Migrant Camps By Arab-Origin Guards Paid To Protect Them

Christian Refugees

Turkish and Arab heritage security guards hired by the German state to protect migrant camps stand accused of turning a blind eye while the Christian refugees in their care are abused by their fellow inmates, and even of taking part in the beatings.

The sudden growth in the number of migrant camps in Germany over the past year, and the severe manpower shortages faced by the Federal and state police have left the German government hiring private security.

As has been the case in the rapidly expanding migration agencies of other European countries, this has provided an important source of income for migrants and the children of migrants, who are preferred for their language skills and cultural knowledge.

This policy is backfiring in Germany, where genuine refugees find themselves at the mercy of the very people they fled in their homelands, given uniforms and authority by the German state.

Die Welt reports on the horror experienced by persecuted Christians who managed to escape autocratic Islamist regimes only to be beaten half to death by Muslim camp guards in Germany.

The broadsheet paper quotes the accident and emergency report of one Christian who fled Iran, but was targeted by “Turkish and Arab descent” guards as soon as he arrived in Germany: “Skull contusion, monocular hematoma right stump chest trauma, blunt abdominal trauma history.

Patient was today beaten by four security people since a massive headache and pain in the abdomen patient was brought to the A&E”.

Speaking to the paper, a victim confides: “[the guards] accused me of insulting Islam, beat me to the ground, and kicked me in the fact”. He and 13 other Christians, in a clear minority at the refugee centre, had suffered abuse daily by Muslim migrants.

Die Welt reports the comments of one Christian priest working in Berlin, who recounted the fate of two Iranian refugees who were caught reading the bible: “The guards ran into the room shouting ‘the Bible is haram!’, pushed them both against the wall, while punching and kicking them”.

The priest complained the recruiting policies of the security companies was endangering Christian refugees, as an understanding of migrant culture and physical strength have become the major requirements.

He said: “My impression is that now anyone who has a particular muscle circumference and speaks Arabic, will be hired”.

Christian migrants facing abuse in Europe from Muslims is not a new phenomenon, but the exposure of radicalised Muslim guards in the pay of the German government brutalising Christians is a significant development.

Breitbart London reported on a migrant house in Sweden where Christian residents were abused by their Muslim neighbours. After being threatened and harassed on a number of occasions, being banned from using the communal areas and from wearing Christian symbols, they left.

A spokesman for the government migration agency said: “They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help… They chose themselves to organize new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort”.

The government agency said it would visit the home in question to inform the “fundamental Muslims” who had driven the Christian refugees away their behaviour had not been acceptable.


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