Former UK Defence Sec BLASTS Obama On Pro-EU Comments: ‘When Mexico Overrules Your Supreme Court, Give Us Advice’

Breitbart London/Rachel Megawhat

KETTERING, United Kingdom – The former Secretary of Defence in the United Kingdom, Dr. Liam Fox, has blasted U.S. President Barack Obama and laid out how Britain is not safer or more secure in the European Union (EU).

During his unannounced, special guest appearance at the launch of the Eurosceptic ‘Grassroots Out’ campaign today, Dr. Fox took aim that the pro-EU establishment, and effectively told President Obama to keep his opinions about Britain’s membership of the European Union to himself for the duration of the referendum campaign.

Speaking to an audience of around 2000 in Kettering in Northamptonshire, where the cross-party Grassroots Out launched their campaign today, Mr. Fox said: “I think it will backfire if people from overseas tell the British people what they ought to do in relation to this referendum”.

Dr. Fox was responding to a question that cited a Breitbart News exclusive, wherein U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush said he backed a sovereign Britain outside the European Union.

He continued: “The current President of the United States, when he tells us that Britain should remain in the EU… when the U.S. has an open border with Mexico, and they have a court that can over rule the Supreme Court in the United States, then maybe they can start giving us some advice”.

Event attendees told Breitbart London that Dr. Fox’s attendance and speech was the “icing on the cake” as far as today’s speeches went. His comments, following those of UKIP leader Nigel Farage, included gems such as “I would much rather be here today with all of your, the grassroots, promoting optimism and freedom, than I would on a platform with the Goldman Sachs funded, EU establishment peddling fear to the people of our country”.

And he blew open the pro-EU campaign’s argument on security, citing German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “mistake” in opening her country up to unlimited migrants from across the Middle East and North Africa.

He said: “The EU is not the cornerstone of our security.. insecurity for our country comes from open borders and uncontrolled migration. I do not want the mistakes made by Angela Merkel… to be reflected in Britain’s security.

“Germany have discovered in Cologne and other places what happens when you don’t know who is entering your country, warning that “[those migrants] will have the right to enter the United Kingdom if we remain a member of the European Union”.

The ‘In’ campaign refers to Britain leaving the EU as becoming “isolated”, to which Dr. Fox commented that Britain would still be a member of the UN security council, be at the heart of NATO, have a special relationship with the United States, be at the centre of the Commonwealth, G7, and G20.

“Does that sound like isolation to anyone in this room?”

“No!” the crowd roared in response.

And he took aim at his own party leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, too: For al the time I’ve been in the House of Commons,” he recalled, “I’ve been listening to the same refrain: ‘Never mind, Liam. Europe is coming our way, you don’t have to worry about it’.

“It is the greatest lie in our politics. The European Union is not coming our way…for all the noises being made… they still have ever closer union as a religion, that is where they intend to go irrespective of this referendum. Let me tell you as a doctor, ‘ever closer union’ is in their DNA and there is nothing they can do to change it”.

“The very bet the Prime Minister can get in this renegotiation is better membership of the wrong club,” he said, adding: “When i gave up my medical career I didn’t expect to see a prime minister take the begging bowl around the capitals of Europe just to change the benefits laws of our own country. it makes me sad… it makes me angry… but above all it should make us want to make a change”.

“It is time to look forwards and outwards with hope and optimism, he closed, stating: “We don’t want to be little Europeans but to embrace the wider world. It is now time to take control or our own destiny.. of our own laws.. of our own borders. We will only get one chance, but we can do it”.


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