Orban Accuses Germany And Turkey Of Secret Pact To Flood Europe With Another 500,000 Illegals

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Addressing a private meeting of government members of parliament yesterday, uncompromising Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused Germany and Turkey of contracting a secret pact to flood Europe with an “unprecedented migrant tide”.

According to details of the speech leaked to the Times of Hungary, Mr. Orban claimed to have knowledge of an agreement between Turkey and Germany so shocking the nations involved do “not yet dare to make it public”. Remarking the deal had now been agreed, but was still goinh through a “bargaining phase”, Mr. Orban said when executed — at Turkey’s leisure — it would mean the “direct transportation” of half a million migrants to Germany.

Once they had arrived in Germany, these migrants would then be distributed around the continent by binding EU resettlement rules designed to take the burden off the most popular European nations, said Mr. Orban.

Although some 1.5 million migrants made their way to Germany over the course of 2015, speaking to his parliamentary colleagues the Hungarian leader said this sudden, organised movement of between 400,000 and 500,000 migrants in one go would resemble an “unprecedented migrant tide”. Europe under “siege” would suffer for years under the weight of the migrants, he said.

Germany has already been the main deal-broker between Turkey and the European Union, securing billions of Euros of cash in return for Turkey taking action on slowing the flow of migrants into the continent. If it were proven Germany was also agreeing secret deals working to do the exact opposite, it could be politically difficult for Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Germany’s men in Brussels.

Viktor Orban is one of the most outspoken, and often maligned leaders in Europe, who has defied the opinion of his fellow EU politicians to secure his country against the migrant crisis, building a significant fence along Hungary’s southern border.

Choosing the route of least resistance, the tens of thousands of migrants a week passing through Hungary re-routed, accessing northern neighbour Austria by way of Slovenia instead. While the number of daily illegal incursions initially dropped to just dozens from thousands, it has recently slowly grown again to hundreds a day as Austria tighten their own borders.

Despite the difficulty this creates for the Hugnarian government which rides high in the polls on the back of having stopped the migrant invasion, the country has still offered congratulations to Austria for getting their house in order and starting to secure their borders.

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