President Obama’s Former Deputy Chief Of Staff Signs On To PM Cameron’s EU Remain Campaign

Jim Messina

The American political strategist, Jim Messina, has been hired as a “senior strategic adviser” by Prime Minister David Cameron’s campaign to keep Britain in the European Union (EU).

Mr. Messina is a long-standing fixture in Democratic Party politics. He served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations under President Obama, as well as being campaign manager for him in 2012. With President Obama’s time in office nearing an end he is now serving as co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential super PAC, Priorities USA Action.

It has been revealed that the polling guru is also an ad hoc adviser to Britain Stronger in Europe. In this Mr. Messina (pictured above with Paul Abbott, former special advisor to ex-Tory Chairman Grant Shapps, on his left, and Mark Clarke, former Conservative Party candidate, to his right) extends his relationship with the highest levels of the British Conservative Party.

Last year he was paid £369,000 for market research, using his skills in analysing voter data and precision campaigning to help return David Cameron to Downing Street with a majority for his second term in office.

In his role as “senior strategic adviser” to Britain Stronger in Europe, Mr. Messina set out his anti-Brexit views in an email to Politico, writing:

“Given these challenging economic times, the very last thing we should do is risk the UK and EU economies with this risky [Brexit] move.”

It is reported that Mr. Messina will not actually be in charge of the day-to-day running of the Remain campaign, but will be “heavily involved” in helping shape the overall campaign strategy and messaging for Britain Stronger in Europe ahead of the Brexit referendum on 23 June. However, another Obama campaign veteran, Tara Corrigan, will work in London with the Britain Stronger in Europe team.

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