Refugees NOT Welcome Here: ‘Radical Queer’ Commune Dwellers Oppose Plans To Turn Their Squat Into a Migrant Centre

Leftist Commune

Pro-refugee activists have protested against the construction of refugee homes on a piece of public land – land on which they happen to squat in a “radical queer trailer park” and run an “anti-discrimination” workshop in.

The radical “Kanal” sect, based in an idyllic spot of woodland in East Berlin, claims to stand for “escaped migrants, Black people, Roma, People of Color, the fight against racism, classism, sexism and Inter * Trans * Homo discrimination (sic)” on their website.

However, as their desire for more diversity, mass migration, and ‘refugees’ has been met in Germany, they appear to have become refugees themselves.

Local government agencies have announced plans to build homes for 450 to 500 migrants on the land in Berlin’s Neukölln district, and the 20 leftists living in caravans and huts will be evicted from the 8,000 square metre plot to accommodate them.

The small number of illegal squatters have suddenly become less tolerant and welcoming now that their own way of life is at risk.

Around 150 of their supporters descended on local government buildings last Wednesday to protest against the construction of the migrant accommodation (pictured below).

“No profit with fugitives! Down with the beds! Apartments for All!” and “We will not leave the premises in Kiefholzstrasse 74!” their banners read, the Berliner Zeitung reports.

“It is not acceptable that subcultural projects and refugee people are pitted against each other”, complained the Berlin regional chairman of the Klaus group.

He argued the “decision of the [local authorities] that the caravans must give way” had led them to “break with the principle that by accommodating refugee people nobody may be displaced”.

However, the local mayor said that the leftists were living on public land, and had no right to stay there.

“The land belongs to the country, and the barricade is not contractual and is only tolerated there,” borough Mayor Franziska Giffey told Tages Spiegel.

The Piraten Berlin group, who are associated with the residents, struggled to justify their opposition to the migrant homes in a recent press release.

They inexplicably claimed that the “radical queer trailerpark” in fact belongs to the squatters and argued that the “racist” plans to house refugees there would not “protect the needs of women and queer refugees”.


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