In Sweden There Has Never Been A Conviction For Hate Crimes Committed Against White Swedes

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Despite police receiving a number of complaints from individuals who have been attacked because they are native Swedish, it has been claimed there have been no convictions for so-called “hate crimes” against white Swedes at all.

Ignorance of the law, even among the law enforcement community, has led to an erroneous impression that legislation surrounding hate crimes only defends those belonging to minorities, according to claims by a Swedish police trainer.

Criminal lawyer Susanne Gosenius, who also works training police officers in legal matters in ethnic melting-pot Swedish city Malmo, has been recording statistics on so-called hate crimes since 2013, and is unable to present any convincing evidence otherwise, reports Helsingborgs Dagblad.

In her collation of reports of hate crimes Ms. Gosenius found just one per cent of reports of hate crimes in her city are made against those identifying as white Swedish, yet when the Helsingborgs Dagblad contacted the city prosecutors, police, and government statisticians they could reportedly produce no major examples of such cases resulting in a successful prosecution.

Criminal lawyer Gosenius thinks this is partly because white Swedes are less likely to come forward so there is an element of under-reporting, and that ignorance among police officers themselves means they wouldn’t recognise hate crimes against white Swedes, so wouldn’t record them properly. She is therefore working to put out a memo to officers in the city to clarify what exactly constitutes hate crime, and to express they can be visited upon the majority, as well as minorities.

One such case which failed in prosecution was over an offensive blog post which claimed Swedish people are instinctively uncivilised, barbarous, and all potential sex offenders, calling them “filthy vermin”. Considering these facts, it contended: ” It would be only fair if all Swedes [went] extinct – vanished from the face of the earth”.

The court ruled this was not hate speech, because as a majority group in Sweden, native Swedes should have a higher threshold before they should feel offended.

One of the prosecutors interviewed said because Sweden was becoming a more a multicultural society it was possible there could be situations where a native Swede could be a victim of hate crime, but she did not think “it has been tried” yet, and it was difficult to say what would be required to gain a prosecution as there is no case law to draw from.

One serious criminal case in Sweden is that of a double murder in an IKEA store by an Eritrean asylum seeker in August last year. Abraham Ukbagabir went right from the asylum office to the home-ware shop in Västerås, intending to kill Swedish citizens in revenge for having had his asylum application rejected, but because he killed his act was not officially recognised as a hate crime.

Convicted on two counts of first degree murder, the attack was seen instead tried as a non-political act.

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