Clashes as Britain’s Hard Left Descends On London, Urge MORE Mass Migration, Thousands Attend

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Thousands of hard-left, ‘anti-racism’ protesters have been bused into London today by a wide array of groups including the British equivalent of ‘Black Lives Matter’, trades unions, Muslim pressure groups, and senior Labour Party representatives.

The groups have claimed that they are protesting today on #M19 (March 19th) in solidarity with European Anti-Racism Day, however many of the speeches have been more about special interests, privilege, and other off topic information. Attendees include terrorist sympathisers.


Lees Jasper: Black Live Matter comes to London


“All you Muslim people, LGBT people and black people uniting against what? Racism! Are you with me?” opened Lee Jasper, a race relations activist and politician, who served as Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

He Continued: “Black lives matter ya know… Black women are invisible you know, and its our duty to raise them up and support all victims of racism.

“On our side today, we’ve been marching with the black lives matter block on this demonstration. Which is, God willing, representing the people on the street”, he explained.

“If I could just ask you to say ‘Black Lives Matter’?” he chanted. “Whose lives matter? Black lives matter?” he cried.

“I know there are some white people that not quite sure what to do right now. Well, let me tell you, that the human race was born in Africa, so by way of association I’m deeming you all Africans… Black lives matter!” he continued chanting.

Comedian Jeremy Hardy: It’s boring being white, I have no more claim to Britain than anyone else:


Comedian Jeremy Hardy told the thousand-plus strong crowd in Trafalgar Square:

“I’ve made London my home and I’m proud to be an adoptive Londoner… A few days ago I was in the Calais refugee camp. I was sitting in a shack, a rudimentary shack, with men who had sewn their lips together on hunger strike.”

“Some are economic migrants… but we should be proud they all want to come here”, he proclaimed, adding later:  “People say white people are in danger of becoming a minority in London. Well, I am one of the whitest people you will ever meet. I’ve done my family tree. I thought ‘this will be interesting’. It f*cking wasn’t. 200 year of white people from the South East of England.

“Because you are my brothers and sisters. These people are my brothers and sisters. I have no more claim to this soil than anyone here,” he concluded to rapturous applause.


This could apply to just about any rally, anywhere:

 Video: “Tories out, refugees in”:

Diane Abbott addressed the crowd:

Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for International Development said:

“Refugees are welcome here! We have had the abuse and denigration of refugees and migrants over the years, and it has reached a crescendo with this European referendum.

“It is a shame on this country that refugees are forced to live in squalor in camps in Calais and Greece. It is appalling the way the countries of Europe want to turn their backs!”

She added: “The conditions those people are living in brings shame of the European family of nations.”

“We are rallying against racism; against fascism; against Islamophobia; AND against anti-Semitism,” she stressed.

“Because you know, the left has been at the forefront of the fight against anti-Semitism almost from its beginning… We will not take lectures from right wing newspapers that supported Hitler during the Second World War on fighting anti-Semitism,” she said, referring to the widely reported rise in anti-Semitism in the Labour party and the left in general since Jeremy Corbyn rose to power.

In December last year Labour was forced to expel a prominent member who promoted racist myths of a wealthy, international Jewish conspiracy; last month one of the leaders of the influential Oxford University Labour Club quit because Corbynite members had “some sort of problem with the Jews”; and just days ago a party member who referred to “fascist” Jews with “big noses” was expelled.

“We have always done it [opposed Anti-Semitism] and we will continue to do it,” she claimed.

“Without refugees and migrants, London would not be the great city it is today. And yet, the media and right wing politicians choose to ignore the contribution of refugees and migrant,” she concluded.


PICTURES: Diane Abbott speaks:

Stick around for some crazy quotes…



The far left cannot stay on topic:

Demonstrators now gathering for speeches in Trafalgar Square:

Europhiles for open borders:


Non Sequiturs abound:

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter comes to London:

“As a Socialist…”


VIDEO: It’s all capitalism’s fault:

Clashes between demonstrators and Britain First on Oxford Street:

IMG_0136 IMG_0121

“If it wasn’t for the coppers, wasn’t for the coppers, wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead,” they chant.

“Who protects fascists? Pigs protect fascists!”

VIDEO: Demonstrators Lay Claim to the Streets:

VIDEO: “David Cameron Shame On You”:

VIDEO: Expert Advice:

VIDEO: Demonstrators Chanting “We are black, we are white”:

Britain First hold counter-demonstration:




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