Teacher Brutally Murdered By Afghan Migrant

afghan migrant germany
Alexander Koerner/Getty

The chief suspect in a brutal murder case that has been the source of speculation in Germany for over a month has been revealed as an Afghan asylum seeker.

Celle near Hanover is a quiet medieval town that wouldn’t look out of place on a German postcard. In February this year residents were shocked when a maths teacher from one of the local high schools was reported missing after he didn’t show up to work. After searching every room in his home and seeing a trail of what looked to be blood, the teacher, known as “Medhi H.” was discovered dead by one of his work colleagues in a pool of his own blood in the basement.

The 55-year-old German-Iranian teacher was popular with his students and the crime baffled police who had very little in the way of credible leads. Initially police refused to publicly comment and told Bild.de only that the case was in “full swing.” The paper reported that Mehdi lived alone, and that he had been especially interested in helping migrants. A migrant himself from Iran, Mehdi may have sympathised with many he saw as fleeing conflicts in his native Middle East.

Initially there were rumours that Mehdi was unsatisfied with renovations on his house and police investigated several Polish workers who had done the work. Although Mehdi had told friends and colleagues he felt he had been ripped off by the Poles, police found no evidence to implicate them in his murder.

The migrant connection became a crucial part of the mystery as police investigated the fact that the teacher had not only gone to asylum homes to bring food, aid and supplies like blankets, but also had befriended several of the migrants there. It was said he even offered to let up to four of them stay at his house.

Mehdi also provided interpreter services for the asylum home and that was how he met the man who would police now say murdered him in February.

The Afghan asylum seeker accused of the brutal murder is 58 years-old and came to Germany during the mass wave of migrants that came through Greece and the Balkans in December. It is thought that the murder came out of an argument between the pair and that it has escalated into violence. The Afghan is thought to have beaten the teacher about the head with a rock and a metal instrument like a pipe or a crowbar.

While the accused was arrested last Thursday, police were reluctant to announce his origins. Like many murders by migrants, police are often fearful of a potential backlash and are even pressured by government agencies to keep quiet about migrant crime. This was the case in Sweden which Breitbart has previously reported.

The murder of Mehdi H. joins a growing list of migrant-related murders from the Bataclan massacre in Paris to the murder of Swedish asylum center worker Alexandra Mezher who was murdered by a supposed “underage” migrant who turned out to be an adult. Migrant on migrant murders are also becoming more common and often, as was the case in Celle, are merely caused by a simple argument.


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