Marxist Tariq Ali Says Yanis Varoufakis Is In ‘Cuckooland’ For Thinking Britain Should Stay In EU


Left wing campaigners have argued that although the European Union (EU) is a “machine for neoliberal capitalism” that is in a “disgraceful state” and a “disintegrating mess”, the UK needs “to stay in Europe to change Europe.”

Speaking at a fiery debate in London, the former Greek Finance Minister and marxist economist, Yanis Varoufakis, described the EU as being in a “disgraceful state” and a “disintegrating mess,” reports The Guardian, but said a Brexit vote in the June In/Out referendum is not the answer.

For him the correct approach is for British leftists to unite with other progressive politicians and grassroots protest movements in his pan-European umbrella group — Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) — set up to stabilise the continent and counter the rise of neo-Nazi parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece (pictured above).

The Green Party’s sole Member of Parliament and DiEM25 supporter, Caroline Lucas, also called for reform of the EU, not Brexit. She suggested the EU debate is “muddled and lazy” but concluded by telling those present: “We need to stay in Europe to change Europe.”

According to Mr. Varoufakis the UK leaving the EU “would make a bad thing far, far worse” but another Marxist panelist, the journalist and filmmaker Tariq Ali, poured scorn on the Greek politician’s warning that fascism is a serious threat to the continent, describing the suggesting as “cuckooland.” Mr. Ali urged a Brexit, blasting the EU’s corporatist structure.

He also dismissed Mr. Varoufakis’s contention that progressive governments across Europe that could spur reform of the EU, calling it a “machine for neoliberal capitalism”. In fact, contradicting the claims of those who expressed their faith in the civilising effects of the EU, he blamed the politico-trading bloc itself for the rise of anti-mass migration populist parties in countries such as Germany and France.

Prior to yesterday’s debate another split in left wing ranks emerged over the EU. As Breitbart London previously reported, the militantly left-wing National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers urged its members to vote in favour of Britain leaving the EU in June’s referendum, contradicting advice from the Trades Union Congress that leaving would jeopardise a whole raft of worker’s rights.

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