One Third Of ‘Asylum Seekers’ In Capital Are Criminals

Asylum Seekers
Rene Gomolj/AFP/Getty Images

The number of ‘asylum seeker’ criminals in Austrian capital Vienna is on the rise, with a greater proportion turning to crime than ever, with nearly one third suspected or guilty of crime.

Fastest growing among criminal groups in Austria are so-called asylum seeker youths, the number of which increased by 72 per cent last year. Criminality among the youngest immigrants in society is so rife, seven children below the age of nine are included in this figure, reports Austria’s Kronen Zeitung.

Although through the 2015 migrant crisis season the majority of illegal immigrants accessing Europe through the Balkan peninsula and moving north decided to pass through Austria to high-benefit paying countries like Germany and Sweden, many thousands decided to settle there. The new statistics reveal that of 21,000 official asylum seekers who were living in capital city Vienna at the end of 2015, nearly one third — 6,403 — are criminals.

The figure resembles an increase of 46.6 per cent from 2014 figures.

Of the 6,403 criminal foreigners, some 2,270 are under the age of 20, with 38 under the age of 13. In the past year the number of so-called “delinquent youth” living in Vienna’s migrant homes have increased ten-fold, according to the report.

The experience of Vienna closely follows that of law enforcement officials in neighbouring Germany, where they have linked a rise in migration to a rise in crime. Breitbart London reported in March on leaked early figures from German police who have seen burglary rise ten per cent in the past year.

Burglary levels in Germany are now the highest they have been in decades. Migrant gangs and the ability of thieves to easily expatriate their ill-gotten gains across the European Union’s open borders have been blamed.

In migrant-crime blighted city Cologne, there has been a significant increase in sex crimes in the past year. The annual carnival saw a 266 per cent increase in sex attacks with many attributed directly to men of “southern appearance” — German slang for African — in attacks coming just weeks after over 1,000 individuals were robbed, assaulted, and raped over New Year’s Eve by criminal migrant gangs.

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