British Govt Issues Human Rights Warning For LGBT Travellers To North Carolina, Mississippi

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The British government has issued a warning to “LGBT travellers” that they “may be affected” by bathroom privacy laws in conservative US states. They recommend citizens go to a Hillary Clinton-supporting lobby group, campaigning against the laws, for more information.

Published today by the British Foreign Office, the guidelines imply “LGBT travellers” may have their “human rights” violated in states like North Carolina that have passed legislation asking biological men not to enter women’s toilets.

The Foreign Office offers similar advice to women and gay people traveling to such places as Turkey and Russia, where they are frequently violently attacked for publicly displaying affection or dressing “immodestly”.

“LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi”, the new guidelines caution. “Before traveling please read our general travel advice for the LGBT community (link above). You can find more detail on LGBT issues in the US on the website of the Human Rights Campaign“, they advise.

They link directly to the website of the Human Rights Campaign (HCR) group, a left-wing LGBT advocacy and political lobbying group which, according to the Atlantic, acts as “a patronage wing of the Democratic party, designed primarily to get its members jobs in future Democratic administrations…”

HCR recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, and have been campaigning furiously against what they call the “outrageous and unprecedented” laws in North Carolina.

For the British government, therefore, to recommend a Democratic group campaigning against Republican laws to it’s citizens makes theses guidelines appear more than just safety advice, but the government appearing to take a political stance against them.

The Foreign Office told Breitbart London that they often link to sources they consider “experts” on issues of health, and insisted in a statement that “our travel advice is based on objective assessments of the risks to British nationals”.

Furthermore, they could not explain why this is considered a “human rights” issue for Brits in the U.S. but there no domestic protection for men identifying as women who want to use female toilets in the United Kingdom.

There are no alarmist government guidelines, for example, for men who want to use the women’s toilets in British mosques, where they will be strictly forbidden from doing so.

The so-called “bathroom privacy bill” passed in North Carolina this March, and has been widely misrepresented and demonised in the mainstream media since.

The law aims to stop men posing as women from entering women’s toilets, potential to molest them. It also makes it harder for municipalities to advance a transsexual ideological agenda and seeks to protect the rights of private businesses to uphold a religious ethos.

The bill does not openly discriminate against any one group. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina has said that, in terms of equality, the bill “is tougher than the federal government’s”, and, “the law neither requires not prohibits” genuinely transgendered people from using toilets.

He pointed out that those who have undergone “sex-change” surgery and have had their birth certificate changed may use a restroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

However, should any British tourist find themselves in difficulty, the British government promises: “Our embassy staff will help you if you run into problems overseas, especially if you feel that you can’t approach the local police. We won’t make generalisations, assumptions or pass judgement.

“Our staff overseas monitor and record incidents brought to their attention by British nationals about the treatment they have received from host authorities and issues of concern are regularly raised with the relevant body”.


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