Calls To Ban ‘Anti-Semitic’ Left-Wing May Day Protests


The Alternative for Germany (AfD) wants to see a ban on a left wing protest in Berlin they say is overtly anti-Semitic.

May 1st is one of the biggest days of the year for those on the left side of the political spectrum. Known as International Worker’s Day, the event usually revolves around leftists getting together to march in cities all over Europe and North America.

Berlin is no different, and plans are already under way for a protest to be organized.

The anti-mass migration party AfD has said that the protesters  message has changed in recent years. They say that the tone of the protests has become increasingly anti-Semitic and that those types of attitudes should not be permitted on the streets of the German capital. The party has called for a ban to the protest entirely, reports Junge Freiheit.

Berlin AfD Deputy Chairman Hans-Joachim Berg said that if the openly anti-Semitic slogans and attitudes of radical left organizations are allowed to march in the May 1st demonstration then, “the Senate proves that its commitments to Israel are worthless.”

Even those on the left are engaging in a new debate about the role of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic members of their movements. German politician and former national chairman of the Green party Jutta Ditfurth has become the centre of resistance to anti-semitism on the Berlin left.

The politician who campaigns for ecological issues said, “we have never experienced in a left wing alliance such anti-Semitic incitement and discussion.”

Ditfurth who has founded multiple successful leftist Facebook pages, said, “persons or groups who carry  anti-Semitic content in the form of banners, etc. with them on the Revolutionary May 1st demonstration in Berlin,” must be denounced and removed from the protest. She used an example of a sign that may say something to the effect of, “Israel commits genocide against the Palestinians,” as to what types of messages should not be tolerated and any groups who deny the right of Israel to exist should not be allowed to participate at all.

The reaction on-line by other leftists to Ditfurth’s suggestions were immediately hostile. One posters reacted by saying that “Germans with Nazi Grandfathers have no right to criticize the Palestinians.”

The critics of Ditfurth include groups who try to advocate boycotts on Israeli products and the Antifascist group who are often responsible for unprovoked violence against those on the right. ‘Antifa’ exist in most European countries including Britain where they clashed recently with right wing protesters in Dover.

If the protest is allowed to go ahead and protesters are allowed to chant anti-Semitic and anti-Israel slogans it will be in sharp contrast to right wing supporters who were recently raided by German police in their apartments because they may have posted anti-migrant messages on-line.  


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