‘You F***ing Pig!’: Slap On The Wrist For Librarian Who Punched Anti-Mass Migration Politician


An angry librarian has been let off with a suspended sentence and fine after she unleashed a barrage of abuse at a former member of parliament, before punching him in the face.

Gun Hjortryd, a librarian at the Kalmar Linnaeus University unleashed a torrent of abuse at city councilman and former Sweden Democrat member of parliament Thoralf Alfsson when she met him by chance at the O’Reilly pub in December 2015.

The court heard how when she saw the man in the pub Ms. Hjortryd yelled “Get out!”, and “I hate you, you fucking pig”. When Mr. Alfsson refused to leave the pub, the 54-year-old librarian punched him in the face.

Inspected by the police after the assault, the woman was found to have hit the politician sufficiently hard to cause “redness on his left cheek”.

In the verdict, the court declared: “Gun Hjortryd had not previously met Thoralf Alfsson. That she knew who he was and that she disliked his views can be seen from the [evidence] cited in the case… Because they have not had any personal contact there is no other conclusion to draw except that she disliked him for his opinions.

“According to the District Court’s view, it is obvious that the attack occurred because Gun Hjortryd disliked Thoralf Alfsson for his political opinions. So it is the case of an unprovoked attack on a politically active person”.

Kalmar court has sentenced Gun Hjortryd for assault yesterday, giving her a suspended sentence of 50 hours of community service. The woman has been ordered to pay 5,000 kronor (£425) in damages to Mr. Alfsson, 8,580 kronor in defence costs, and 800 kronor to the crime victim’s fund.

Taking to his blog, Mr. Alfsson declared it “very important for me” that the court recognised the political motive for the attack, remarking that the state prosecutor had failed to mention the political aspect whatsoever.

Swedish paper Barometern reports Mr. Alfsson went to the prosecutor’s office immediately after the verdict to demand answers over why they had failed to highlight the clear political motive.

Despite the judge’s comments which called the motive “obvious”, Mr. Alfsson was told they hadn’t bothered because the motive would have been “impossible to prove”.

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