More Than 80 EU Nationals Arrested Every Day In London

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

More than 30,000 European Union (EU) nationals are arrested in London every year, a rate of more than 80 per day.

According to figures from London’s Metropolitan Police, nearly 100,000 were arrested over the past three years, showing the true scale of crime by EU nationals.

The figures, uncovered by the Daily Mail in a Freedom of Information request, show that 32,214 were arrested in 2014 and 32,851 in 2013.

Of those EU nationals who were arrested, 11,285 were charged last year, 12,266 in 2014, 13,087 in 2013 – a rate of around 1,000 per month.

The revelation has led to further calls for the UK to leave the EU so it can regain control of its borders.

Conservative MP Philip Davies said: “The Home Secretary says EU membership is vital as it has allowed the extradition of 5,000 criminals from the UK.

“That’s dwarfed by the sheer number being arrested on our streets every year. Being outside the EU would allow us to be able to stop them coming in in the first place.”

Among those who have been let under lax EU border rules is Polish rapist Rafal Bargiel who subjected British women to “humiliating and degrading” sex acts after meeting them on dating websites. He had only recently been released from prison in Poland after serving two-and-a-half years for rape.

Latvian killer Arnis Zalkans was also let into Britain despite being imprisoned in his homeland for murdering his wife. He moved to Britain in 2007 and was later questioned about a sex assault on a girl, but police did not know about his conviction.

He went on the murder schoolgirl Alice Gross in 2014 and was later found hanged.

Figures in March showed that at least 1.6 million EU citizens have moved to Britain over the past nine years, greater than the combined populations of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

They do not include immigration after 2014, however, which was running at record levels, suggesting the real number will be much higher.

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