KASSAM: Soros Might Die Soon, But We’re Stuck With Zuck For A Long Time

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Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam has issued a scathing warning about how the EU’s new censorship deal will allow corporations to dictate the law, effectively create blasphemy laws in Europe and shut down criticism of the migrant crisis.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube will be working with the European Union (EU) to censor and “criminalise” perceived “illegal online hate speech” within 24 hours, as well as “promoting independent counter-narratives” that benefit the EU.

The deal gives new media moguls like Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg unprecedented power to control political discourse on the continent – arguably even more that the barons of the old, print mainstream media. Mr. Kassam warned:

“We should be worried about this. Not because of what’s happening now. Mark Zuckerberg is not like George Soros [the aging liberal business magnate] that he’s going to die in a couple of years’ time. This guy is going to be around for a very, very long time and he’s only going to get more and more powerful.”


“But, on the other hand, there is an opportunity… on the 23rd of June for Britain to… stand in the middle of the road and say ‘Stop’ at the giant hulking behemoth of globalism – and that is by voting to leave the EU,” the Breitbart London editor added.

Mr. Kassam has been warning since the beginning of the migrant crisis that the EU will use a manufactured “hate crime” crisis to clamp down on free speech across the continent.

He warned that after this new deal, “…corporations, backed by this multinational government body, are going to define what ‘hate speech’ is and criminalises the people they find guilty of it”.

Explaining: “When you look at who is advising, who’s behind the Facebook ‘Code of Conduct’… these are the hardcore social justice warriors of the world who are now dictating to the European Commission – which has the power to dictate to national governments – who should be imprisoned for saying what.”

“That’s is the corporatization of our society – when the big multinationals start dictating what the law is going to be”, he said.

Adding: “The document… is intentionally vague in its wording because what they really want to do is stop people like PEGIDA; stop people like UKIP; stop people like the Front National using their platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. – to keep their march going.”


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