ITV Race-Baiting Audience Member Said ONE MONTH AGO: ‘Boris Is a Racist… People Are Stupid… I’m Pro EU’

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The race-baiting audience member at ITV’s EU referendum debate programme last night can now be revealed as a long-standing pro-European Union podcaster who has called Boris Johnson a racist, said that members of the public are stupid, and said that she would leave the United Kingdom if the country votes for Brexit.

Imriel Morgan, who Breitbart London revealed is a HuffPo blogger passing herself off as an ordinary member of the public, published a podcast last month wherein her and her co-host entered into a long, confused tirade about Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and their views on Brexit.

Speaking on the Melanin Millenials podcast, Imriel Morgan started by claiming: “If [Boris] wasn’t so racist he’d be like Hugh Grant in a lot of ways” going on to cite what has long-known to be anti-racist, satirical comments about “piccaninnies” as her justification for labelling the two-term London mayor as having a “treacherous history of racism”.

In an 76-minute rambling podcast on Trump, Brexit and Boris, Ms. Morgan also lambasted U.S. president Barack Obama for failing to be “down” with black people. She said he should not have “reprimanded black people” for rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, at one point in the podcast repeatedly shouting “Black lives matter!”

Her co-host, Satia, at one point remarks of Ms. Morgan: “You find everything racially loaded!”

Ms. Morgan also used the podcast to dote on Prime Minister David Cameron, stating: “I think David Cameron is intelligent”. She said of Mr. Johnson, “People are stupid, people are sheep… Boris Johnson has got such a questionable history… things he’s said. Things he’s done”. She confessed, however, “I voted on neither of [the London mayoral elections]” before reiterating, “He’s just a terrible human being”.

The revelations will cause concern over ITV’s picking of the audience, especially given Ms. Morgan’s comments about UKIP leader Nigel Farage one month before she was allowed to question him on national television.

While Satia was lamenting the “Mao Mao something” speaking of Mr. Johnson’s attack on Barack Obama’s intrinsic, anti-British Kenyan ancestry, Ms. Morgan was comparing Mr. Farage with the former leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin.

“Nigel Farage is on the fringes of society,” she says in her barely-listened-to podcast.

“[UKIP] is not a main party. We all known [Labour and Conservative] is who the competition is between”.

She added: “Nigel Farage isn’t taken seriously by the vast majority of the voting public… the majority is not here for him and his shenanigans.”

And speaking of her fealty to the European Union, Ms. Morgan said: “We’re just screwed. We’re all screwed. I may just take my red passport while I’m still able to get out and just go live in Europe and hope they don’t kick me out… My passport gives me so much privilege. I need to keep it… I’m going to leave. Most of the good shit that I have in my life and the privileges I have in this country are because of the EU.”

Asked by her co-host if she knew the arguments in favour of Brexit, she said: “No, I don’t know the Brexit side. I don’t get it… I don’t know the case for leaving at all… I know people who see the case for leaving. I don’t know the case for either side… why we’re treated fairly as citizens is because of the EU.”

Her comments fly in the face of her attempt to portray herself as a non-partisan member of the ITV audience last night, as she told Jon Gaunt on his Talk2MeRadio show this morning.

“I don’t know if Mr. Farage is racist,” she told Mr. Gaunt. “I have not accused him of racism”.

Breitbart London approached Ms. Morgan for comment. Her e-mail address in the name of “Shout Out Network” repeatedly replied, “Nah.”



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