EXCLUSIVE: Wilders On Orlando, Paris: ‘Ramadan Is Deadliest Time Of The Year… Time To Stop Muslim Immigration’


Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has slammed the French government for failing to prevent the Monday evening Paris terror killings and has squarely placed the blame at the feet of Islam.

The veteran anti-Islamisation and counter mass-migration politician, who, despite being an elected member of the Dutch parliament and a former MEP is presently being tried in court for his views spoke to Breitbart London in the wake of two bloody days.

Speaking of France’s inability to track and monitor Islamists, Mr. Wilders said of yesterday’s attack: “The Magnanville assassin was a known jihadist. He had earlier been convicted and after serving his sentence been released. He should have been robbed of his French nationality and expelled”.

Mr. Wilders is a vocal critic of the establishment’s quiet acceptance of the Islamisation of Western society. Clearly unafraid to focus directly on the root causes of many terror killings in Europe, Mr. Wilders said: “Ramadan is the deadliest time of the year. We should acknowledge that Islam is the problem. Islam and freedom are incompatible. We must de-Islamize our Western societies”.

Larossi Abballa, the 25-year-old killer told police and the wider world through his Facebook Live podcast that he had performed the killing in honour of Ramadan.

Echoing United States Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who Mr. Wilders has supported since the earliest days of his candidacy, the Dutch politician called for strong leadership: “We must close our borders to every immigrant from Islamic countries, every asylum seeker and every terrorist. It is time for new and brave leaders who adopt these policies”.

The Freedom Party leader is not the only member of the populist right in Europe who has spoken out in strong terms about the attacks. French Front National party leader Marine Le Pen took to social media in the early hours to condemn the “umpteenth attack” by Islamic radicals and said that surely was now the time to start “the relentless fight against Islamism”. She said “the government does not protect the French”.

In a later statement, reported by France’s Le Figaro Le Pen said the socialist government had failed to “lead the war against terrorism”. She remarked: “the best way to lose that war is not to lead, whatever the circumstances… the French government does not lead.

“Our democracies have the perfect means of defence. We must recognise the threat, get the right diagnosis, accept the ideological battle against Islamic fundamentalism, and use the means at our disposal to protect us. On these four points, the authorities fail”.

Also urging decisive action against Islamic terrorism are the rapidly growing ‘hipster-right’ street protest movement the Identitarians. Speaking to Breitbart London, the leader of the founding Austrian branch Martin Sellner referred to a protest the group staged on Saturday in which one of their supporters was hospitalised by radical left-wing counter protesters.

Remarking that “Europe is under attack”, Sellner linked the rise of new right-wing movements such as the Identitarians, European Freedom parties including those in Austria and the Netherlands to the failure of traditional elites to tackle the problems brought by mass migration and Islamisation.

Again speaking to Breitbart London today, the German branch of the Identitarian movement said of the terror attack: “The murder of a 42-year-old police officer and his wife on Monday evening is a part of a long chain of Islamist crimes. This chain grows with the rise of the Islamic State and the fatal immigration and border policies of the European elites.

“The European Football Championship which takes place in France right now was meant to be a symbol of peace within Europe. Yesterday that short peace ended.

“The Identitarian Movement demands the immediate securing of our borders and politics which don’t tolerate Islamist ambitions in Europe. Political placebos won’t do it! Only the defence of our own identity against the Islamist efforts of cultural dominance, which is seen in countless parallel societies and Muslim ghettos across Europe, will do it as such parallel societies and ghettos carry the seed for terrorism”.

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