BBC Reported Major Migrant Unrest At Channel Port As ‘Power Problems’


The Channel port of Calais saw a pitched battle between illegal migrants and French police yesterday, with hundreds of police deploying tear gas to keep the situation under control, yet the BBC reported the problems as being purely technical.

The port was forced to close yesterday as hundreds of migrants armed with stones and debris attacked vehicles entering the port in a desperate attempt to board ships headed for the United Kingdom, as reported by Breitbart London. Objects were placed on roads leading into the port forcing vehicles to slow, giving illegals an opportunity to clamber aboard.

Motorists were left stranded as riot-armour clad police deployed tear gas to control the estimated 300 rampaging migrants who were heard to shout “fuck the UK”. Two ‘No Borders’ militants were arrested.

Yet despite the chaos, the BBC reported the cause of major delays at the port yesterday as being down to “extra passport checks” and engineers working to fix “a problem with some overhead power supply”.

It was only after other British news sources reported the widespread violence, with videos and pictures emerging on Twitter of the chaos that the BBC edited their coverage to concede that “Road traffic was blocked after police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of migrants from the Calais “Jungle” camp”.

Although evidence of the previous claim was removed from the BBC News website, the Internet Archive service captured a backup of the original report.

The reporting came just hours before polls are due to open for Britain’s referendum on continued membership of the European Union. Immigration has been a key factor in the campaign, polling as a key factor for voters until recently.

Attempts to portray concern about immigration as a purely racist issue, or one that is too outrageous to discuss have permeated the campaign, with accusations bandied that it has even caused political violence. Speaking to Breitbart News Daily, Discourse Institute chief Goerge Igler called the outrage over mass migration being debated during the referendum campaign “synthetic”.

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