Nigel Farage: Why We Must Vote Leave In The EU Referendum

Nigel Farage

UKIP leader Nigel Farage writes in the Express:

We are just hours away from the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to get our country out of the European Union and in doing so get our borders back, our democracy back and for us to embark upon an exciting future as an independent nation.

That’s what happens if we leave the European Union. We will exit a failed political union, one which is now a disaster zone. We see a migrant crisis utterly out of control. We see a eurozone crisis causing human misery on a shocking scale.

And we see an outdated organisation that has no answers when it comes to many of the problems in the modern world. I’ve heard a lot through the course of this campaign from the wealthy establishment about GDP. About maintaining the status quo.

Well that might be all right for them with cheaper nannies and chauffeurs but it isn’t what’s in the best interests of ordinary British workers. Open-door migration has suppressed wages in the unskilled labour market, meant that living standards have fallen and that life has become a lot tougher for so many in our country.

We must leave the European Union so that not only can wages increase for British workers but so that living standards rather than declining can start going up. The wellbeing of those living and working in our country matters to me more than GDP figures.

The EU’s open borders make us less safe. As a bureaucratic club it makes us poorer. Membership of this union stops us acting in our own national interest, forcing us to be represented by unelected old men in Brussels.

So we must seize this chance. It is unlikely to ever come again. Before making this historic decision I want those in our country to fully examine just what the consequences would be of a Remain vote.

We know that the European Union is hell bent on further, deeper centralisation. Indeed the plans for a full EU army have been put on ice only until the very day after the referendum.

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