Times: Dying War Veteran’s Final Wish: ‘Post My Leave Vote’

Christopher Furlong/Getty

From The Times:

When Leonard Moore, a Second World War submariner, knew that he was dying he made sure his family knew his final wish. He had registered for a postal vote, had put a tick in a box and his last words were “post my Leave vote”.

After his death, aged 91, on June 1 his family honoured his wishes.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed that Mr Moore’s vote is valid. “Once it has been sent off it is a valid vote,” a spokesman said.

Mr Moore, from London, joined the navy at 17 and served throughout the war, sailing more than 35,000 nautical miles. “He was so patriotic and he saw a European Union in decline,” Kim Low, 61, his daughter, told the Daily Mail. “He believed the England he fought for was barely recognisable. The last thing he did with a pen was to tick the Leave box. My brother Alan then posted it for him.”

Graham Moore, 52, who said he had gone to visit his blind uncle in hospital, added: “His last words to me were ‘whatever you do, my vote Leave postal vote is on the side so don’t forget to post it’.

“He said he was ready to go. Every year he went to the cenotaph service without fail. He believed what he fought for wasn’t what we have now. He was so passionate about England.”




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