Watch: Huge Brawl in Germany Asylum Centre

Over a dozen migrants threw chairs and tables at each other in a huge violent brawl that took place at an asylum reception centre in Dortmund.

The latest mass brawl at an asylum centre took place on Tuesday which saw tables overturned and chairs used as weapons by migrants who suddenly erupted into violence.

The Dortmund asylum seeker reception centre was the scene of the brawl where over a dozen migrants attacked each other, the entire incident caught on film. The injuries sustained by several of the migrants involved in the fight led to hospitalisations and authorities struggle to determine a motive for the violence, reports Hamburger Morgenpost.

According to reports the incident took place in the reception area of the Dortmund Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) where most asylum seekers are registered in order to determine their eligibility for asylum in Germany.  Authorities are currently trying to determine the cause of the incident. Police have confirmed that they arrested three migrants aged 14, 15, and 20, though they added that the suspects were immediately released from custody shortly afterwards.

The arrest and then release of migrant suspects has led many to criticise police in Germany. In Austria it led to proposals to crack down on migrant criminals by keeping them in custody until their court dates. The Austrians have also said they would like to enforce more deportations on migrants who commit crimes while in the country.

Police in Dortmund also said that several victims of the attack were hospitalised. According to a police spokeswoman, “a 33-year-old woman and four men aged 19, 21, 26 and 37 years were brought to the outpatient treatment in nearby hospitals”. The spokeswoman added that they needed clarification as to how the argument among the migrants started and that witness testimony had so far given contradicting accounts of the situation.

Massive brawls in migrant homes are a common occurrence, but are rarely caught on video. In Germany violence at asylum homes has become a persistent issue with migrants fighting each other over religious conflict and ethnic tensions. In September of last year a mass brawl in the German capital of Berlin led to several injuries, and Breitbart London has documented multiple mass brawls  and violent attacks across European asylum homes.


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