Election Fraud: Is Britain Finally Waking Up To The Disaster Of Multiculturalism?


If ever you’ve worried that parts of Britain now resemble some hideously corrupt, Third World Islamic basket case hell hole then you’re going to love Sir Eric Pickles’s gloriously robust report on electoral fraud.

His target, it’s clear, isn’t just the Muslim communities in places like London’s Tower Hamlets (and Birmingham and many Northern towns) which have imported to Britain the kind of political skullduggery and malpractice routine on the Indian subcontinent. More broadly what Pickles is attacking is the bankrupt philosophy of Multiculturalism and the entrenched, institutional political correctness that have made it all possible.

Consider, for example, this passage on the use of “foreign languages” at polling stations:

The languages spoken in polling stations (and other places such as the count) has recently become an issue with concerns that promoting the use of non-English languages could disguise coercion or influence within the polling station. This has not been helped by the Electoral Commission facilitating what it calls “community languages”. Such an approach undermines integration and leaves the door open to fraud. These are not ‘community languages’ – they are foreign languages.

Here is a bloody-minded Yorkshireman being about as blunt as you possibly can in an official report. The reason Muslim communities get away with flouting and corrupting British values, he is saying, is because the relevant authorities are turning a blind eye.

In this instance, he is referring to the practice of “booth capturing”, explained here for Breitbart last year by Jonathan Foreman.

Few people in the UK have heard of “Booth-Capturing”. In India and across South Asia it is a political phenomenon that is all too familiar. It is one of the most visible and outrageous illegal methods that are used to undermine democratic elections in the region.

Essentially, thugs working on behalf of a political party physically take over polling stations and use the threat of violence to prevent supporters of opposing parties from voting. (It helps that many parties have youth wings whose real purpose is the supply of necessary muscle).

Of course, these thugs speak in languages like Urdu and Bengali in order to make it harder for English speaking authorities – mainly the police – to prove that voters are being intimidated.

The obvious solution to this is to do what the Pickles report suggests and insist that from now on only English (or for historical reasons, Welsh) can be spoken at polling stations. Why, given the scale of the problem, hadn’t the Electoral Commission already suggested and instituted this?

Why, of course, because like many other authorities – from local government to the police – the Electoral Commission is so crippled by political correctness and so fearful of being accused of “racism” or “Islamophobia” that it has simply failed to do its job. This is why – as we’ve seen everywhere from the rape gangs of Rotherham to the Trojan Horse schools in Birmingham to the electoral malpractice at Tower Hamlets to the widespread use of Sharia courts to enforce civil matters in Muslim ghetto areas – Islam has been given the power to create a state-within-a-state in many parts of Britain, where Muslims have effectively been given carte-blanche to act outside the law of the land.

For this suicidal error we should ultimately thank Lord (Woy) Jenkins, the claret-soaked Welsh social climber now roasting in the eternal fires of hell for having done more than any other politician to embed the philosophy of multiculturalism into British life when during his time as Home Secretary in the 1970s he urged us all to “cewebwate diversity.”

Multiculturalism is one of the most abused terms in the political lexicon, often wheeled out by MPs – I’ve even heard Michael Gove pull this naughty trick – as a “hurrah” word to show how completely unracist they are and how incredibly enthused they are by bhangra, goat curry, chicken tikka masala, floats banging out grime music at the Notting Hill Carnival and so on.

But Multiculturalism means something much more specific than welcoming other races, religions, and cultures. It means treating them all as having equal value to your own.

This may sound nice and nurturing and open-minded in theory but where does it leave you when the cultures whose diversity you are celebrating embrace stuff like female genital mutilation (FGM), “honour” killing, wife-beating, Jew-bashing, gay-killing, the grooming and rape of underage kuffar girls and organised electoral fraud?

Up until now the response in Britain – as in the rest of the liberal West – has been to brush the problem under the carpet or even deny that it exists.

In the Daily Mail today, for example, Christopher Hart cites a disgraceful recent case on a BBC Radio 5 show.

During the Up All Night show presented by the writer and publisher Dotun Adebayo, a caller referred to appalling revelations about Muslim Pakistani grooming gangs that have been operating in many English towns, preying on underage white girls. Adebayo promptly interrupted and began to talk over him.

Puzzled, the caller asked about the extensive sexual abuse of young girls. ‘Did that not happen?’ he persisted.

The BBC presenter replied: ‘Actually, no, that’s not true, as you know’, and then cut him off completely.

There’s even a hint of this denialism in the Daily Telegraph‘s pathetically limp-wristed editorial comment on the Pickles report, which reads like it must have been written by a “diversity studies” graduate from a former polytechnic.

It bleats:

Some of Sir Eric’s proposals will sound like a step too far, such as requiring some form of identification to vote – a controversial measure that Americans have found tends to discriminate against ethnic minorities, the poor and the elderly.

Actually, love, no one – certainly no Telegraph reader: you sure you shouldn’t be writing for the Guardian? – is thinking Sir Eric’s proposals sound remotely like a step too far.

Yes, they’re probably a bit pissed off – and rightly so – that the long-standing British tradition of trusting voters not to cheat at elections now has to be replaced by a new series of stringent and tiresome rules like one where you now have to bring your passport to the voting booth.

But such inconveniences, unfortunately, are the price the West will now have to pay for encouraging large-scale immigration by cultures that don’t want to assimilate – and which, indeed, it encouraged over a period of decades, as a matter of official policy, not to assimilate.


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