Farage Accuses May Of ‘Backsliding’ On Immigration

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Nigel Farage has slammed the Prime Minister, Theresa May, for apparently “backsliding” on plans to introduce an Australian points-based immigration system in the wake of the British exit from the European Union.

The system was lauded by prominent Brexit supporters during the referendum campaign as a way to control immigration into Britain and ensure that all applicants were considered on a fair footing, regardless of their country of origin.

But speaking to reporters this morning on her way to the G20 summit in China, May raised questions over “whether or not points-based systems do work”. According to The Guardian she left reporters “with the impression that EU citizens could still take priority over non-EU citizens under the immigration rules that will eventually be adopted post-Brexit.”

Nigel Farage, the outgoing leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which fought the last election on a platform promising a points-based immigration system, has issued a statement which is highly critical of May’s stance.

He said: “Theresa May’s track record on immigration as Home Secretary was appalling and her comments rejecting an Australian-style points system really worry me.

“There is already huge anxiety out there in the country regarding Theresa May’s reluctance to trigger article 50. Her rejection of the type of migration system so many went out there and voted Leave to see implemented indicates serious backsliding.

“Those of us on the Leave side were perfectly clear in campaigning for strong border controls outside of the EU.

“The people were clear in wanting a points-based immigration system which is why so many went out and voted to Leave the European Union. Any watering down from that will lead to real anger.

“Given that myself and others also campaigned for a migration system that would treat all who wanted to come equally, any preference for EU nationals would be totally unacceptable

“If the establishment think they can stitch-up Brexit then they better be ready for the huge electoral consequences from a British public who on June 23rd voted for radical political change and now expect it to be delivered without failure.”

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