Female Journalist ‘Raped by Armed Migrants’ in Calais Camp


A translator and journalist of Afghan origin making a film about child sexual abuse in the Calais migrant camp has been robbed and raped at knifepoint by three migrants.

The horrific attack happened the morning after the UK began importing migrant youths from the camp.

The unidentified woman was working as a translator for a French film crew when she was robbed and held up. As her and her colleague were threatened with blades, one of the migrants raped her.

The victim, a 38-year-old originally from Afghanistan, was acting as an interpreter for a 42-year-old male reporter. They were attacked in the early hours of Tuesday morning at the entrance to the camp.

The pair lost equipment and went straight to a hospital after the attackers escaped, where the woman was treated and the crimes reported.

Judicial sources said police had collected DNA evidence of the rape and that the three UK-bound attackers are believed to be from Afghanistan, La Voix du Nord reports.

Prosecutor Pascal Marconville, in nearby Boulogne-sur-Mer, told the newspaper: “The victim was examined by a forensics doctor, who confirmed the rape… Samples have been taken to try to determine the genetic profile of the rapist.”

He said the attackers were “still at large”, and that everything was being done to find them.

Just yesterday, a gang of migrants near the camp attacked a British television crew, with over 20 individuals using sticks, stones, and knives to repel the men.

Sky News reporter Mark Stone said: “We spotted them and filmed briefly, but then two dozen turned up.

“Rocks were thrown followed by a sustained attack with knives and sticks until we reached our car – cut, bruised, and without one of our cameras.”

The French government has promised the notorious Jungle camp is to be demolished in the coming weeks, and there is now a rush to either persuade migrants to accept refuge in France or find a way to get them into the UK.

Over the summer, the population of the camp surged to more than 10,000 and the number of violent incidents has shot up as migrants become more desperate in their attempt to enter the UK.

Police declared parts of Calais “no go zones” after dark, and migrants have caused vehicles to crash, left logs on the road, thrown rocks off bridges, and set fire to undergrowth.

Drivers have also been attacked, beaten with bats, stabbed, and even threatened with chainsaws.


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