Calais Migrant Camp

The Changing Face of the Migrant Crisis in Mediterranean

ROME (AFP) – From waves of dinghies setting off from Libya to the appearance of privately-funded rescue ships, the face of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean has changed greatly over the past few years. – Overcrowding dinghies – Up


Macron Threatens to Set Calais Migrants Loose on Britain

Marine Le Pen’s globalist rival in the French presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron, has promised to rip up border controls in France, potentially opening Britain up to a new wave of illegal migration.


Schools Holding Pro-Migrant Brainwashing Workshops

Pupils in Valenciennes were encouraged to think about the “feelings, pains, and hopes” of migrants, in workshops which were instead supposed to educate and spread awareness about journalism.


Migrant who Kayaked to UK Accused of Raping Aid Worker

Immigration officers will question a migrant who paddled to Britain in a kayak over claims he raped a British aid worker in the Calais “Jungle” camp. The attack, which is said to be common knowledge among aid workers, reportedly took


Pro-‘Refugee’ Tory Rebel Quits Parliament Over Govt. Brexit Stance

Backbench Tory rebel Stephen Phillips has resigned from parliament, citing “significant policy differences” between himself and the government. The former Tory MP, who represented the strongly Euroskeptic constituency of Sleaford and North Hyekham in Lincolnshire, has been very vocal in his


France Demands UK Take Further 1,500 Calais ‘Children’

France has demanded that Britain take in nearly 1,500 “child migrants” staying in Calais, who councils say will cost taxpayers £133,000 per head. The diplomatic row that has broken out over the fate of the alleged minors comes after a

'Child' Calais Migrants UK

LISTEN: Kassam Demands Full Dental and Medical Checks for Calais Migrants

UK Independence Party leadership candidate Raheem Kassam spoke to radio host Jon Gaunt Thursday about the alleged “underage” migrants from Calais who turned out to be adults, and demanded full medical and dental checks for those migrants entering Britain claiming to be children.