Lily Allen: People Who Question Age of ‘Child Migrants’ Are Like Nazis


People who express scepticism over the age of supposed “child migrants” entering the UK are like Hitler and the Nazis, Lily Allen has said.

The singer claimed that Brits were being manipulated against migrants in the same way Germans were taught to hate Jews by the Nazis, and accusing the Home Office of colluding in this by deliberately letting the press publish photographs of old-looking “child refugees”.

Writing for Vice, she said: “The tabloids have been aided by the Home Office.

“There are much younger unaccompanied adults who still haven’t been processed – so why did the UK take in a tiny group of older male teenagers first?

“Doing that doesn’t really help the plight of the refugees, but it does push the agenda of the tabloids.”

She also criticised people questioning the age of the migrants, saying it should not matter how old they are, and accused the media of spreading Nazi-style propaganda.

“From a very early age we were taught about the Second World War and how evil Hitler was,” she added.

“You always wonder how he managed to get the whole country to go along with that. Now we’re seeing it. But I don’t want to be a good German. I want to be on the right side of history.”

Jewish groups have criticised her comments, describing them as “crass” and “deeply ignorant”, and have called on her to apologise.

Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, told The Sun: “If Lily Allen thinks those Brits who have concerns about some of the refugees in Calais are the same as Germans who stood by while Hitler attempted to exterminate an entire race then she needs to learn some basic common sense, as well as apologise for a crass and deeply ignorant comment.”

Earlier this month, Lily Allen provoke criticism after appearing telling an Afghan migrant in the Calais jungle camp: “I apologise on behalf of my country”.

When a man of Jewish heritage complained, she responded: “Your grandchildren will be apologising for you and your hatrid [sic] in years to come just like the Germans do for the Nazis.”

When he explained his ethnicity, she doubled down, adding: “Then you should be twice as ashamed.”


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