Reveller’s ‘Black Face’ Grim Reaper Costume Banned From University Halloween Safe Space

Grim Reaper Costume
Ryan Lytwyn / Breitbart London

A partygoer was banned from an on-campus University Halloween party because he wore a Grim Reaper costume involving dark face paints — apparently breaking strict safe space rules on Halloween costumes.

Ryan Lytwyn, 22, a recent graduate of Edinburgh University, was barred from entering a party organised by Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) due to his “offensive” demon costume.

The ex-student was wearing black robes with a hood, and had covered his face in a mixture of black, white, and red face paint.

Whilst queueing to get into the party, Ryan was approached by EUSA staff and told that he had to remove the face paint as it “could be offensive” to black people.

The graduate explained how he tried to defend his case and argue that he wasn’t dressing up to offend black people. Despite that the Union officers defending the so-called ‘safe space’ were not interested and told him that as long as he wore “offensive” face paint, he was barred from the venue.

Speaking to Breitbart London Ryan Lytwyn said “I told the SU staff it was ridiculous. I was clearly dressed up for Halloween as a demon – I had black, white and red face paint on – but they said I wouldn’t be allowed in as it ‘could be construed’ as black face. Someone in the queue offered me tissues so I wiped it off and then they eventually let me in. But my costume was ruined.”

Edinburgh students face strict regulations on fancy dress options. Under the safe space rules, prohibited costumes include Mexicans, gangsters, mental patients and “camp men”.

This kind of controversy is nothing new to the Edinburgh student community, which has endured endless censorious and hypersensitive restrictions from their student union.

In April, a student was threatened with eviction from a student council meeting for raising their arms, as it was deemed to violate the safe space policy.

However, when a poster was found on campus, in the same month, claiming the Holocaust was a Jewish invention designed for financial gain campus authorities were less quick to act and an investigation is still ongoing.


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