Asylum Centre Worker Allegedly Filmed Sex Acts with Underage Migrants

asylum seekers

A female asylum centre worker in Denmark is alleged to have engaged sexually with underage male migrants and filmed the acts, and the staff may have known for months.

According to authorities, an unnamed asylum centre worker is accused of engaging in sexual relations with several male underage migrants at the Børnecenter Tullebølle asylum home in the Langeland municipality, reports Danish radio station Radio 24syv.

In at least one case the worker was filmed giving oral sex to one of the migrants, and in another video is said to show the worker engaging in full blown intercourse with a different migrant. All residents of the home are males under 18 years old.

The municipality fired Sisi Eibye, head of its asylum programme, on Monday after evidence obtained by Radio 24syv showed that three members of staff at the asylum home had known since June that the boys at the home were being sexually abused by employees.

A police report showed that some municipal officials had suspicions that at least three of the boys were in a sexual relationship with one of the staff at the centre. In addition, it has been reported that another female staff may have also had sexual relationships with the underage migrants. Authorities have shut down the centre while police investigate the matter.

Spokesman for the municipality, Sten Skovgaard Larsen, said: “It is clear that we are taking this case very seriously. When one’s role is to protect vulnerable children, this is a very serious allegation.” Police have so far refused to comment on the details of the case to the Danish press.

Mayor of Langeland, Bjarne Nielsen, claims that he, like the public, was only made aware of the case last week when the news broke in the media. Police reports show that three municipal leaders knew about the case back in June, and the mayor has said he will demand answers.

The migrants in the home have been in the media spotlight before when earlier this year several of them were accused of sexually assaulting girls at a music festival.

Asylum workers and pro-migrant activists engaging in sexual relationships with migrants has also occurred elsewhere in Europe. In the Calais Jungle migrant camp, it was reported that many of the volunteers had become sexually involved with the residents of the camp. One open borders activist was accused of sex tourism and taking advantage of the migrants.


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