MPs Call For Transgender School Training and Fast Tracked NHS Sex Changes

Transgender LGBT gender protest

MPs from all major parties have called for the UK to “catch up” and recognise “gender identity” on passports and in law, increase access to sex change surgery on the NHS, and encourage transgender lesson and “gender neutral” toilets in schools.

It was the first parliamentary debate on the topic, following the January publication of a report by the Women’s and Equalities committee calling for the State to accept transgender ideology, and spread it via the education system.

“A number of local authorities now produce guidance for head teachers”, explained Labour Chris Elmore, “but equally important are the NGOs and charities that deliver awareness training for school staff.”

Last year, Breitbart London revealed how “School Transgender Guidance”, targeting children as young as four, are already in use in Cornwall and Brighton. The documents were funded by the police and local councils, and written by local activists.

“The education system in the UK is often woefully inept at accommodating transgender people”, Mr. Elmore claimed.

Of the hundreds of pieces of evidence submitted to the Women’s and Equalities inquiry, only seven were critical of transgender ideology, one feminist activist told Breitbart in November 2015.

The controversial transgender lobby group Mermaids UK appeared several times, despite being accused of “brainwashing” young children.

Referring to the group, UKIP’s education spokesman David Kurten told Breitbart in a statement today: “Many people will be shocked to learn that a group of MPs are pushing transgenderism in Parliament after listening to a woman who had her own son taken to Thailand at the age of 16 to have his genitals removed”.

“This agenda will have dangerous and harmful consequences in schools”, he added. “There have been reports in the USA of self-declared transsexuals entering women’s bathrooms and sexually abusing girls, and in some cases being given the right to use girls changing rooms. This must not happen here.”

Labour MP Caroline Flint also urged caution during yesterday’s debate.

She said government “need[ed] to be mindful of creating neutral-gender environments that actually may prove more of a risk to women themselves”, pointing to incidents of men using “gender neutral” toilets to sexual abuse women in UK universities.

However, Mrs. Flint was promptly attacked by several other MPs in the chamber, and Labour’s Ruth Cadbury slammed conservative states in the U.S. for legislating that biological sex must determine what bathroom one can use.

“A bathroom Bill would never be passed here in the UK”, she claimed, “but we must keep an eye on the situation abroad and ensure that the British public are well informed so that harmful attitudes do not form here”.

Conservative MP Maria Miller opened the debate by calling for “unequivocal commitments to changing the Gender Recognition Act 2004 in line with the principles of gender self-declaration…”

Scottish Nationalist (SNP) MPs were most enthusiastic about this proposal, revealed they were already committed to “gender identity recognised in law and in life” and newly invented genders – such as ‘X’ and ‘Zee’ – being included on passports.

George Kerevan, the SNP MP for East Lothian, said, “gender is a social construct” and is “not primarily a biological construct” which “should be recognised in law”.

The SNP’s Angela Crawley agreed, insisting “the law must be updated to recognise an individual’s gender identity, which has nothing to do with their birth gender and everything to do with the gender that they believe they are.”

Ben Howlett, the Conservative MP for Bath, praised Mrs. Crawley as a “champion”, insisting the debate marked, “a very special day for the 650,000 transgender or non-gendered people in the UK…”

The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organisation and countries including Denmark, Malta, New Zealand, India and Australia already recognise ‘X’ as a gender on passports.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Lyn Brown called for the NHS to offer accelerated access to “services such as hormone therapy or genital surgery”, without the need for the approval of two of more doctors or the afflicted to live as their chosen gender first.

It was bad, she said, that, “a large amount of information needs to be gathered by the consultants about the individual before they can begin to proceed.”

UKIP’s David Kurten said that whilst protecting people who consider themselves as transgender is important, children must be protected from propaganda and life-changing treatments.

“It has been recommended by some that children should be pumped full of sex-change hormones before puberty if they self-identify as trans.

“While there are a very small number of cases of genuine gender dysmorphia, there is a push to force teachers and schools to actively propagandise the transgender agenda, and teachers who do not comply could find themselves guilty of a ‘hate crime’.

“Children should not be confused or harmed to suit the politically correct ideologies of militant ‘progressive’ adults. We need to keep our kids safe. We need to keep our kids safe.”


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