Farage: Remoaners Blaming Russia Have Reached New Low

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has blasted remain-supporters for blaming their woes on “hate figure” Vladimir Putin, who it has been recently suggested influenced the British referendum on leaving the European Union.

The accusation was levelled in the House of Commons this week by Exeter Labour MP Ben Bradshaw who said although he had no evidence to back up his claims, felt Russian hackers “probably” swayed the Brexit vote.

Telling the chamber “we have got to wake up to this”, Mr. Bradshaw was mocked from some quarters for his unusual accusation, not least by Mr. Farage who joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News who noted that “blaming the Russians is not a uniquely American phenomenon, as Brexit is now being blamed on Russian interference”. Speaking on the show, Mr. Farage remarked: “I think it’s the most hysterical thing I’ve yet seen.

“Ever since June 23rd when we voted for Brexit, there have been all sorts of excuses that have been rolled out. But to now blame it on Russian cyber-hacking, I think they have reached a new low”.

Making reference to the conspiracy theories presently doing well among Democrat supporters in the United States. Mr. Farage continued: “We have seen this concerted campaign here in the States saying Trump wouldn’t have won had Putin not intervened. 2016 has been a year of political revolution, the people have spoken, there has been massive change.

“What we are seeing from the establishment and their friends in the liberal media — frankly they can’t accept the result. They are doing everything they can to overturn it, but do you know what? It isn’t going to happen… we don’t want to be talked down to or sneered to by bureaucratic liberal, global media elites. We will make our own minds up on our own future. You can try as hard as you want to say it’s some cooked up conspiracy by Putin but nobody believes it, they just look like bad losers. “.

Mr. Farage said the comments of Labour MP Mr. Bradshaw were just part of a wider demonisation of Russia, a search of a scapegoat, and hate figure for the Western world, which if left unchecked could spell disaster. The former UKIP leader pointed to the moving momentum towards a single European army and bringing Ukraine into the political bloc as clear examples of where Europe was antagonising Russia needlessly. He said:

Mr. Juncker… the most powerful Eurocrat in the whole of Europe. He now wants to push full-on for a European Army, a militarised European Union, one that effectively wants to get rid of NATO and using the excuse that now Trump has been elected we have to do this on our own. [This is] in tandem with a continued push to the east.

What was said yesterday morning is that Visa free travel should come in quickly for the Ukraine and Georgia, the assocation agreement with Ukraine is step one of them becoming members… before we get to that point, we’re going to see some sort of conflict with Putin. What I’d say to that British MP who was looking to blame all of our woes on Putin, is whether you like Putin or whether you choose to live in Russia or not, why would you provoke Russia? If you poke that Russian bear with a stick, they are going to respond. That’s why I hope President Trump will change things fundamentally. Let’s at least start talking to Russia.

But let’s be aware that Nato is now directly under threat from Juncker and the European Union who want their own army.

They have to have an enemy, don’t they. What Putin represents for all his faults is a strong leader who beleives in his own nation… of course Putin doesn’t like the European project, because the EU wanyts to make Ukraine, his next door neighbour, a member of an alternative political and military alliance.

All through history you see empires that are failing have to have an enemy, a hate figure, and that’s Putin… unless we stop this European army, we could be heading for very real trouble.

Mr. Farage also spoke on the liberal elites, and especially Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who has been held responsible for the scale of the Europe Migrant Crisis. He said due to her policies many migrants had come to Europe that wouldn’t have otherwise, and “not a single one of them was vetted in any way to see whether they were linked to the Islamic State or not, so what Merkel did was import terrorism into the European continent”.

Castigating those who presume to rule on behalf of the majority, Mr. Farage said simply: “Those in charge think they are cleverer, better educated, more worldly, and they think they can do a better job directing our future than we the peasants ever could. It’s based on incredible arrogance”.

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