Moroccan Migrant Arrested After Woman Pushed onto Subway Tracks

Moroccan Migrant
Associated Press

Police were able to arrest a suspect early Wednesday morning after a woman was knocked unconscious having been pushed onto the tracks of the Hamburg S-Bahn underground railway by a Moroccan illegal.

The 16-year-old paperless migrant who Die Welt reports had no residence permit in Germany and is in the country illegally assaulted a 34-year-old woman in the early hours of Wednesday morning. CCTV footage reviewed by officers showed the illegal youth attempting to reach into the woman’s handbag at around one o’clock in the morning, but being spotted by his intended victim.

As the woman called for help and resisted the attack, the Moroccan male pushed her backwards, causing the woman to stumble onto the tracks below, the fall knocking her unconscious. Examination in hospital showed the woman had suffered a concussion as a result of her head striking the railway track.

Fortunately, no trains were due on the line at that time and German Rail staff came to her aid.

The assailant fled the scene, but was identified from security camera footage and was later arrested. He is being held on suspicion of “predatory theft”.

Germany’s underground railways are becoming an increasing target for migrant criminals, who in addition to engaging in theft have also been reported to act with extreme violence towards other subway users. Breitbart London reported in December of a Berlin police hunt for a group of migrants who were caught on security cameras setting a homeless man sleeping on a station platform alight on Christmas day. The Syrian and Libyan gang have been charged with attempted murder.

In another incident caught on security camera, German police sought a group of Bulgarian men after they, in an apparently unprovoked attack, kicked a woman down a flight of stairs leading to the platform. The victim was admitted to hospital with a broken forearm.

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