Migrant Allegedly Murdered 70-Year-Old Because She Was An ‘Infidel’

A barrier tape and a police vehicle of the criminal technology block the access to an house in the district of Paunsdorf in Leipzig, eastern Germany on October 10, 2016. German police said on October 10, 2016 that they have arrested a Syrian man suspected of plotting a jihadist bomb …

A migrant born in Saudi Arabia but claiming to have come from Pakistan, is accused of having murdered a 70-year-old pensioner in her home because she was an “infidel.”

Police say that the 27-year old asylum seeker wrote religious themed writing in Arabic on the walls of the murdered pensioners apartment located in the town of Bad Friedrichshall-Untergriesheim, which prosecutors say led them to believe there may be a religious motivation to the murder which took place on the 19th of May last year.

So far the exact meaning of the writing has not been revealed but investigators say the DNA of the suspect was found at the scene of the crime FOCUS Online reports.

Valuables of the 70-year-old were also stolen including cash, jewelry, and a mobile phone. The Heilbron district court formally charged the asylum seeker with wanting to “kill someone who in his opinion was an infidel and steal cash and other valuables.”

The defense said that the suspect arrived in Germany to seek asylum in 2013 and his asylum process was still ongoing. He claimed to have come from Pakistan but said he was born in Saudi Arabia.

The migrant’s lawyers Christoph Troßbach and Elisabeth Unger-Schnell said that “many questions remain open” in the case and say he claimed to have been somewhere else at the time of the murder. When asked if the defence would produce corroborating witnesses to back up the man’s alibi they said that it was the job of the prosecutor to appoint witnesses that prove their case.

The family members of the elderly victim have expressed that they were “shaken to their foundations” by the murder and said that it was important for them to “get information about the circumstances and the motivation of the crime.”

Breitbart London has reported on a number of murder cases involving new arrivals over the course of the migrant crisis. Some victims have been fellow migrants and even family members of the killers. One such case in November of 2016 saw a Chechen migrant throw his wife out a window before stabbing her to death.

One of the most notorious migrant murders in Germany of recent years was that of German student Maria Ladenburger who was brutally raped and killed by a 17-year-old recent arrival to Germany from Afghanistan. The case sparked outrage among the German public after German media initially refused to report on the murder because they claimed it was local news not worthy of national attention.

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