Transgender Student Sues School that Said ‘It’s Just a Phase’


A transgender teenager who was born a girl is suing her former school after they refused to let her wear a boy’s uniform, saying it was “just a phase”.

The 16-year-old, named only as ‘Aidan’, claims the actions by Hereford Cathedral School effectively excluded her and were taken against the wishes of her parents and doctor.

Aidan’s mother told the BBC: “They didn’t really take it seriously… They made my child out to be a freak and someone who would contaminate other students.”

The mother removed the child from the school, saying it could no longer meet their needs. She described the school’s behaviour as “appalling”.

She wrote a letter to the school’s chair of governors, saying she had no choice but to remove her child as the school was “inadequately prepared to accommodate Aidan’s needs and give him the high level of support and pastoral care that he deserves”.

The legal action is ongoing.

Hereford Cathedral School said in a statement: “The continued happiness, wellbeing and safety of our pupils is the top priority.

“The family’s grievances against the school are the subject of current legal proceedings. For that reason the school is unable to discuss any details relating to this matter at the present time, other than to state that it will defend its position in the proceedings.”

Breitbart London reported in January last year how the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee had recommended in a report for teachers to have “gender identity awareness training”, and demanded that “trans issues” be placed on the school curriculum.

The report also called for teenagers to be allowed greater access to sex change treatment, adding: “We recommend that provisions should be made to allow 16- and 17-year-olds, with appropriate support, to apply for gender recognition, on the basis of self-declaration.”


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